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U.S. Killing and Robbing


John Helmer about Russia

HOW THE RUSSIAN ECONOMY LOOKS IF YOU AREN’T WEARING NATO NIGHT-FIGHTING GOGGLES Email This Post - Print This Post By John Helmer, Moscow If your enemy is waging economic war on you, it’s prudent to camouflage how well your farms and factories are doing. Better the attacker thinks you’re on your last legs, and are too exhausted to fight back.  A new report on the Russian economy, published by Jon Hellevig, reveals the folly in the enemy’s calculation.   Who is the audience for this message? US and NATO warfighters against Russia can summon up more will if they think Russia is in retreat than if they must calculate the cost in their own blood and treasure if the Russians strike back.  That’s Russian policy on the Syrian front, where professional soldiers are in charge.   On the home front, where the civilians call the shots,  Hellevig’s message looks like an encouragement for fight-back – the economic policymaker’s equivalent of a no-fly zone for the US and European Union.  It’s also a ch…

«War in the Balkans»

STEPHEN KARGANOVIC | 07.07.2017 | WORLD «War in the Balkans» – the Memoirs of a Portugese Peacekeeper (I)General Carlos Martins Branco is one of the most fascinating (and until quite recently also inaccessible) actors in the Srebrenica controversy. From his Zagreb vantage point as deputy head of the U.N. Protection Force (UNPROFOR) between 1994 and 1996, during the latter phase of the 1990s Yugoslav conflict as it unfolded in Croatia and Bosnian and Herzegovina, this Portuguese officer had privileged access to significant information. Confidential reports about the goings on in the field were crossing his desk. With first-hand information and further enlightened by discrete conversations with colleagues from various intelligence structures, Martins Branco was positioned ideally to learn facts which many officials would have preferred to cover up, and the media frequently ignored. With a typically Latin emotional flair, refusing to remain silent as the «Srebrenica genocide narrative» wa…

ANC decides South Africa should downgrade ties with Israel

ANC decides South Africa should downgrade ties with IsraelAli AbunimahPower Suits5 July 2017 South Africa’s ruling party wants to sharply downgrade ties with Israel. At its national policy conference on Tuesday, the African National Congress adopted a recommendation “to downgrade the South African embassy in Israel to a liaison office in a bid to reduce diplomatic ties,” the Mail & Guardian newspaper reported. Volgen Meer Yes!!! National Policy Conference of South Africa's governing ANC party moves for downgrade of SA embassy in Israel ️️️ Vertalen uit het Engels