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How To Stop Zionist Power?

Netanyahu caught on tape in 2001: 'Don't worry about the Americans, we easily maneuver them' - 'This is how I deliberately sabotaged the Oslo Accords' - 'We plan to strike Palestinians several times, so hard the pain will be unbearable' Janya Zen
Tue, 15 Jul 2014 13:54 UTC A shorter version of this video circulated a few years ago, in which Netanyahu could be heard boasting in 2001 that Israel 'controlled the U.S.'

In this apparently extended version, the Israeli PM can be heard describing Israel's true strategy vis a vis the Palestinians. Have a listen...


[@0:37', when the camera is secretly turned back on again]Netanyahu: Today everyone understands the slogan 'The Settlements are here'. They are everywhere. What's the difference? What do you think [Palestinian leader Yassir] Arafat wants? He wants one big settlement that is called Tel Aviv. As far as they are concerned, I think, the territorial waters are also the…

Mike Whitney: The Russian Hacking Fiasco

MAY 12, 2017
The Russian Hacking FiascobyMIKE WHITNEY There’s no proof that Russia hacked the US elections. There’s no proof that Russian officials or Russian agents colluded with members of the Trump campaign. There’s no proof that Russia provided material support of any kind for the Trump campaign or that Russian agents hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails or that Russian officials provided Wikileaks with emails that were intended to sabotage Hillary’s chances to win the election. So far, no one in any of the 17 US intelligence agencies has stepped forward and verified the claims of Russian meddling or produced a scintilla of hard evidence that Russia was in anyway involved in the 2016 elections. No proof means no proof.  It means that the people and organizations that are making these uncorroborated claims have no basis for legal action, no presumption of wrongdoing, and no grounds for prosecution. They have nothing. Zilch.  Their claims, charges and accusations are like the soap bu…

Saudi Horror and Guardian Propaganda

US nears $100bn arms deal for Saudi Arabia in time for Trump's visit Senior White House official says it is close to completing a series of deals to boost Saudi defense capabilities, as Trump readies for trip next week
 Saudi security forces take part in a military parade. The US has been the main supplier for most Saudi military needs in recent years. Photograph: Mosa'ab Elshamy/AP

The Scandal Hidden Behind Russia-Gate

The Scandal Hidden Behind Russia-gate
May 11, 2017
Exclusive: Official Washington has the Russia-gate scandal almost 180-degrees wrong; it is not about protecting democracy, but about pushing Americans into more wars, the true scandal that is being missed, writes Daniel Lazare.