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Why do Only 5 Million Jewish Zionists Have So Much Power In The World?

Why is a country of only five million Jewish zionists in a world of seven billion people able to force the head of a UN-agency to resign? And what can humanity do agains this zionist terror?

Head of UN agency resigns after refusing to retract report calling Israel an ‘apartheid regime’
US Politics on March 17, 20179 Comments  Rima Khalaf, the head of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). resigned today after she was asked to withdraw a report her agency published earlier this week that stated Israel is an “apartheid regime.”  “The secretary-general demanded yesterday that I withdraw the report, and I refused,” Khalaf told reporters at a press conference in Beirut today, according to the Middle East Eye. “It was expected that Israel and its allies would put enormous pressure on the United Nations secretary general to renounce the report,” she also said, according to Reuters. Then Khalaf stated that the United Nations “had scrubbed the re…

De Charlatan Lodewijk Asscher en zijn Corrupte Journalisten Vriendjes

Vandaag, zaterdag 18 maart 2017, beweerde Ariejan Korteweg, politiek verslaggever van de Volkskrant:
Het vertrek van Hans Spekman als partijvoorzitter is maar een heel kleine stap voor de PvdA op weg naar totale renovatie.
Ik herhaal: 
Het vertrek van Hans Spekman als partijvoorzitter is maar een heel kleine stap voor de PvdA op weg naar totale renovatie.
De parlementaire journalistiek in Nederland heeft altijd, zelfs na de zogeheten ontzuiling, als twee druppels water geleken op de sportverslaggeving. De politiek verslaggever heeft, net als de modale voetbalfan, een favoriete club en favoriete spelers. Maar belangrijker nog: hij kan zich niet voorstellen dat zijn club ooit eens uit de eredivisie zal verdwijnen. De gedachte alleen al zou zijn eigen ineenstorting betekenen. U moet zich voorstellen wat het betekend heeft toen de Pravda, het officiële orgaan van het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij, besefte dat de Sovjet Unie politiek, ideologisch, economisch, cultureel en moree…

US Generating Enemies Beyond its Capacity to Deal With

Lawrence Wilkerson Warns US Generating Enemies Beyond its Capacity to Deal With
By Adam Dick

March 17, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -  Lawrence Wilkerson, a former Army colonel and chief of staff for Colin Powell at the United States Department of State, expressed this week strong criticism of the US government adding more and more nations to its enemies list. Speaking with host Paul Jay at the Real News Network this week, Wilkerson, who is a professor at the College of William & Mary, concludes that, even with the large amount of money the US spends on the military, it is “utterly beyond our capacity to deal with all these enemies” that the US has generated.

In the interview, which is largely focused on some individuals’ effort to influence US foreign policy toward creating intensified animosity between the governments of the US and Russia, Wilkerson explains further his concern about the long list of US enemies. Wilkerson states: What I can't fathom right now is …

Henry Giroux on Neo-Fascist U.S.A.

The Hardening of Society and the Rise of Cultures of Cruelty in Neo-Fascist AmericaMarch 17, 2017shorty

byHENRY GIROUXDark Times are truly upon us. There will be an acceleration of acts of violence under the Trump administration and the conditions for eliminating this new stage of state violence will mean not only understanding the roots of neo-fascism in the United States, but also eliminating the economic, political, and cultural forces that produced it.There is more at work here than getting rid of Trump, there is a need to eliminate a system in which democracy is equated with capitalism, a system driven almost exclusively by financial interests, and beholden to two political parties that are hard wired into neoliberal savagery. What does the culture of cruelty look like under a neo-fascist regime? First, language is emptied of any sense of ethics and compassion. Second, a survival of the fittest discourse provides a breeding ground for racial and social sorting. Third, references to ju…

U.S. Supported War Crimes

Which "War Torn" Country? - U.S. Slaughter In Somalia, Yemen And Syria
bigger - original tweet When I saw the above tweet this morning I wondered which "war torn" country those Somalis were fleeing from when they were murdered. The tweet doesn't say. Were they fleeing from the "war torn" Somalia? Or were the fleeing from "war torn" Yemen? It is a sad world when has to ponder such. It tuned out these people were fleeing from both wars: Coast guard Mohammad Al Alay told Reuters the refugees, carrying official UNHCR documents, were on their way from Yemen to Sudan when they were attacked by an Apache helicopter near the Bab Al Mandeb strait.An Apache attack helicopter shot up the refugees' boat. There are Saudi, United Emirates and U.S. Apache helicopters in or around Yemen. It is unknown which of them ordered and which executed the strike. These helicopters, their ammunition and the service for them are a favored U.S. export to belligerent dict…