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Barbara Ehrenreich

Divisions  .Of Labor New kinds of work require new ideas — and new ways of organizing.
The working class, or at least the white part, has emerged as our great national mystery. Traditionally Democratic, they helped elect a flamboyantly ostentatious billionaire to the presidency. “What’s wrong with them?” the liberal pundits keep asking. Why do they believe Trump’s promises? Are they stupid or just deplorably racist? Why did the working class align itself against its own interests? I was born into this elusive class and remain firmly connected to it through friendships and family. In the 1980s, for example, I personally anchored a working-class cultural hub in my own home on Long Island. The attraction was not me but my husband (then) and longtime friend Gary Stevenson, a former warehouse worker who had become an organizer for the Teamsters union. You may think of the Long Island suburbs as a bedroom community for Manhattan commuters or a portal to the …

Maria Zakharova to CNN: ‘Stop Spreading Lies and Fake News’

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman to CNN: ‘Stop Spreading Lies and Fake News’Dr. Fly Thu Mar 2, 2017 9:57pm EST14 Comments2274 Russia’s outspoken foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, had some choice words for CNN — after being confronted by their reporters over the AG Sessions’ hysteria. In a prepared statement, she called the event ‘media vandalism’ and a ‘disgrace’ — suggesting the US media is down in the depths of depravity and deceit. She stated the American media had “cross(ed) the line far beyond the professional ethics and their competence. They accuse and judge by simply fabricating false information.” “I have a question: is it rock bottom, which the US media has reached, or is there an even greater depth for them to dive?” Zakharova said. “The things that the US media affords itself to report are just an attempt at… a total disinformation of the public in America and worldwide,” Zakharova explained, adding the US audience is, of course, the main target. During the exc…

Paul Craig Roberts 261

What Is To Be Done?

By Paul Craig Roberts
March 03, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - The question in the title is V.I. Lenin’s question. His answer was to create a revolutionary “vanguard” to spread revolutionary ideas among the workers, the economic class that Karl Marx had declared to be the class rising to the ascendency of political power. Finally, democracy, frustrated by upper class interests in its earlier manifestations, would become reality. The workers would rule. Given the presence of evil and human failing, it did not work out in that way. But Lenin’s question remains a valid one. Americans whose economic life and prospects for their children have been destroyed by the offshoring of American manufacturing and tradable professional skills jobs, such as software engineering, answered the question by electing Donald Trump. The Americans, dispossessed by the offshoring corporations, elected Trump, because Trump was the only American running for a political office who …

Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower

The Donald Plays His Trump Card: Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower It can only escalate from here Rudy Panko 2 hours ago | 1,1455 PATREON DONATE! FACEBOOK271 TWITTER157 REDDIT

Trump is now the most dangerous whistleblower alive. As usual, the president's tweets speak for themselves: