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Frank Westerman's Provinciale Schrijverij 55

Go on, my dear Americans, whip your horses to the utmost — Excitement; money! politics! — open all your valves and let her go — going, whirl with the rest — you will soon get under such momentum you can't stop if you would. Only make provision betimes, old States and new States, for several thousand insane asylums. You are in a fair way to create a nation of lunatics. Walt Whitman. 1878
Over her short history as a nation, America's convictions of national superiority, nationalism, and xenophobia have become part of the national common sense. We have become blind to our growing national egoism, developed irrational fears, and lost our noble sense of national direction. Words like ‘liberty’ and ‘democracy’ have been stripped of their original implications, and enlisted as emotional banners employed to inspire nationalism's zealot multitudes. 
In order to find the inner-peace that can only come from a comfortable sense of national humility, Americans must first come to understan…