vrijdag 11 augustus 2017

Hillary Wants More Money For Bill

Stan -

I just wanted to make sure you saw Secretary Clinton's heartfelt message below. If not, please take a moment to read why she’s passionate about the work of the Clinton Foundation.

Before President Clinton turns 71 next Saturday, please consider honoring his lifetime of public service by supporting the Clinton Foundation today.

Maura Pally
Senior Vice President of Programs and Acting Chief Development Officer
Clinton Foundation

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From: Hillary Clinton
Date: Wed, Aug 09, 2017
Subject: Because of the Clinton Foundation
Stan -
Happy Birthday President Clinton!
This month, we’re celebrating Bill’s 71st birthday. Throughout all the years that I’ve known him, he’s always been dedicated to making a meaningful, positive difference in people’s lives.

Thanks to his unwavering vision, the Clinton Foundation has empowered people across our country – and around the world – to build better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.
It’s no secret that last year the work of the Clinton Foundation was the target of unprecedented, ugly, and misleading or outright false attacks. Again and again, people and organizations who don’t appreciate the work tried to tear it down.

But in spite of the attacks, which incredibly still continue today, the Foundation continues doing what it has done best for sixteen years – launching innovative initiatives such as the Clinton Health Access Initiative and Clinton Health Matters Initiative, forging groundbreaking partnerships such as the Alliance for a Healthier Generation with the American Heart Association, and making a meaningful, tangible difference in people’s lives in everything they do. Because of this work:
  • More than 11.5 million patients have access to lower cost medication and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS.
  • More than 21 million students in more than 35,000 U.S. schools have benefited from improved physical education, health education, and healthier food. 
  • U.S. high-schools have access to naloxone – a life-saving tool that can reverse an opioid overdose and get the person breathing again in seconds.
Show your support and honor my husband’s commitment by donating to the Clinton Foundation today. I can’t think of a better birthday present.

I believe there's no telling what can be achieved with organizations like the Clinton Foundation hard at work. From helping countries to combat the effects of climate change, to increasing educational and economic opportunity for girls and women, to improving the health and well-being of kids, families, and communities across the United States – the Clinton Foundation is changing the world.

With your help, the Clinton Foundation can do even more, by finding smart new solutions that will make a real difference today and provide proven models for others to follow tomorrow.

So please – help us continue the incredible impact of the Foundation and the work Bill has personally dedicated himself to for 16 years by supporting the work of the Clinton Foundation.

Your support means so much to Bill (and to me).


The Clinton Foundation convenes businesses, governments, NGOs, and individuals to improve global health and wellness, increase opportunity for girls and women, reduce childhood obesity, create economic opportunity and growth, and help communities address the effects of climate change.

The Clinton Foundation has received top ratings from the three leading charity watchdog groups: Charity Navigator, CharityWatch, and GuideStar. These ratings let you know that we make the most of every single dollar that you contribute.

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