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maandag 5 juni 2017

Leader Ukrainian Nazi's Honored By Kiev

The head of Ukrainian Jewish committee Eduard Dolinsky condemns the Kiev decision on renaming Vatutin avenue into Shukhevich avenue [a leader of Ukrainian Nazis and Abwehr officer].
“Is it possible to measure the depth of moral degradation? It is hard, but there are cases when this falls so deep that can’t be measured. Kiev city council’s decision on renaming Vatutin avenue in honor of the Nazi officer Shukhevich, on whose hands is the blood of tens thousands Ukrainians, Jews, and Poles, is such a case of the deepest moral degradation, scandalous cynicism and human baseness”, - writes the head of Ukrainian Jewish Committee.
Eduard DolinskyFollow
Is it possible to measure the depth of moral values? It's not easy, but there are instances when this fall so deep that dimension is denied. Decision on renamin...
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