zaterdag 10 juni 2017

Geopolitical Terror

US gas company linked to human rights violations in Palestine Meer info over het in 1999 ontdekte gasveld voor de kust van Gaza, Palestina The Often Overlooked Role of Natural Gas in the Israel-Palestine Conflict'How Gazan natural gas became the epicenter of an international power struggle.' Het artikel uit (eveneens)2015 over de gas-pijpleidingen door Syrie van Mintpressnews dat afgelopen week door Zerohedge opnieuw gepubliceerd werd. Note the purple line which traces the proposed Qatar-Turkey natural gas pipeline and note that all of the countries highlighted in red are part of a new coalition hastily put together after Turkey finally (in exchange for NATO’s acquiescence on Erdogan’s politically-motivated war with the PKK) agreed to allow the US to fly combat missions against ISIS targets from Incirlik. Now note which country along the purple line is not highlighted in red. That’s because Bashar al-Assad didn’t support the pipeline and now we’re seeing what happens when you’re a Mid-East strongman and you decide not to support something the US and Saudi Arabia want to get done. (Map:

Republicans 'Overwhelmingly' Approve Of Trump's Helsinki Performance

Republicans 'Overwhelmingly' Approve Of Trump's Helsinki Performance, Poll Shows by  Tyler Durden Thu, 07/19/2018 - ...