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Suffer Procrastination? This Focus Toy 
Really Works!

Turns Even Master Procrastinators, Super Productive.
Maintaining focus can be a huge challenge for so many of us, yet it's a crucial skill to have in any job.
Being caught procrastinating over-and-over by your boss, and falling behind on your work, is a sure way to get yourself fired...
Chronic procrastinators - e.g. checking your FB feed every 45mins - are often labeled as unprofessional and deemed as anti-intellectual behaviour. They are 5x more likely to lose their job due to underperformance. Plus It’s super embarrassing to be told to stop doing it in front of your colleagues...

What’s The Twitch Cube™?

This innovative cube can help you solve your ‘tiny attention span’ problem. It’s been expertly designed as a tool anyone can use to ‘laser focus’ you on any task.
Productivity researchers found that when doing something pleasurably distracting with our hands, our mind was able to far easily focus inwards.
‘Playing’ with something in your hand also showed to greatly improve creativity - Probably why Sherlock Holmes played with his pipe when solving complex crimes!
It’s why we all click pen tops, tap feet and hum when deep in thought.
However all of the common mental distractions might focus you, but they are super annoying for everyone else nearby!
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Now you can use your new TwitchCube™ to instantly focus, relax you and remain stress-free. It’s professionally ergonomically designed to provide all the sensations we love to feel in our hands, whilst remaining silent!
Finally get that raise and promotion you deserve by tripling your work output and impressing your boss!

What Other Benefits Does Your Cube Have?

Shown to dramatically reduce stress levels and soothe your anxiety. Stops fidgeting and twitching. Improve heart health both through stress reduction and improving your body’s blood flow:


According to a new study, thumb-twiddling and stress relief toys can dramatically reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.
A research team at the University of Missouri believe it could be the answer to boosting heart health in an age when so many people spend most of their time sat at an office desk.
Researchers compared the muscle function of 11 healthy men and women. They then tested them again after they had been sat down for three hours.
During that period, each one was asked to play with a stress toy in one hand - flicking, squeezing the toys etc for 1 minute then resting it for four. The other arm remained stationary.
Measuring their blood flow afterwards, the researchers found the moving arm had a much higher blood flow than the other.
In fact blood flow slowed dramatically in the stationary arm.
The researchers concluded that this minuscule movement could help stimulate vascular health."
The device features many interesting components and capabilities that us bhumans LOVE to fiddle with:
  • Trio of clunky gears to pleasurably roll up > down
  • The Spinner: a rotating dial to circle your energy
  • A Classic Joystick for Your inner gamer fix
  • Ergonomically designed 'worry stone' imprint to rub your thumb print against
  • 5 clickable buttons made to imitate the sensation from the tops of pens!
  • Vintage Light Switch. You can rapidly click this on/off without blowing the electricity!

How Does It Work?

Our minds work and focus better when our other senses are distracted. This is why some people work with headphones on and why we all fidget with stuff in our hands when needing to think.
However research also shows that touching and fidgeting with things in our hands, helps dramatically reduce a range of undesirable emotional states, including lowering our; anxiety and stress levels.
Each of the 6 sides is professionally designed to you help focus, relieve anxiety, reduce stress, calm and centre you.
Studies also show that TwitchCube™ makes you perform better when under pressure in tests!

Where Can I Get One?

WARNING: Cheap imitation or counterfeit devices, are not affiliated with TwitchCube™.
TwitchCube™ uses only tested, superior quality materials. Imitation products maybe harmful to health and will break quickly. To avoid disappointment, buy only from the official TwitchCube™ approved links on this page below.
Planning on buying a few? We’d strongly recommend using the Official Discount Page Here. It has May’s deals: 50% off (when ordering a few) and Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
If you really want just a 1 TwitchCube, then Click Here - its now $29.95 online which is the lowest price we found (Normally $59.99 in shops).
Here’s a TIP: “TwitchCube makes a fantastic gift idea. It’s unique, fun and everyone could use one!”
* Special Offer $29.95 vs $59.90 - for Netherlands residents ONLY! - available while stocks last


TwitchCube™ is a clear hit with us. Simple, yet pleasurable to use. It’s truly effective in both focusing and relaxing you as marketed. Made with good solid feeling materials and very reasonably priced. Only downside is the 1-2 week delivery wait due to high demand!


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