woensdag 10 mei 2017

Saudi Prince Praises Zionist State

The Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman: Israel is the lighthouse of democracy and freedom in the Middle-East, Arabs must embrace the reality of Israel
(Tues, May 9, 2017) Riyadh — According to the Saudi daily al-Watan, the Saudi defense minister and deputy crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has raised eyebrows among Saudi political elites as he proclaimed that Saudi Arabia has reached the political maturity to constitute a durable alliance with the Jewish nation in order to lay the ground for a peaceful and prosperous Middle-East.
“Israel has made significant strides in its never-ending democratization journey, something that the international community should take pride in. In fact, Israel has become the sole lighthouse of democracy and freedom in one of the more troubled areas of the world,” al-Watan cited the Saudi Prince as saying.
I do believe, added Prince bin Salman, all Arabs must learn that futile and endless resistance against omnipotent IDF will only bring havoc, destruction and loss of lives for themselves, thus they [Arabs] must undergo historical education and embrace the reality of Israel.

Prince Mohammad bin Salman

Earlier this week, former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki bin Faisal and the Israeli Major General Yaakov Amidror addressed together a conference hosted by The Washington Institute for Near East Policy where they confirmed that Riyadh and Tel Aviv held a series of high-level meetings in Amman, Jordan to discuss shared concerns, such as the alarming influence of Iran in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon, as well as Iran’s  nuclear program. Prince bin Faisal said: “…we discovered we have the same problems and same challenges and some of the same answers.”
No longer able to justify its illegal military presence in Bahrain – a tiny Persian Gulf Kingdom, occupied by Saudi forces to stifle its 2011 pro-deaconry movement–, some high-profile Saudi officials, namely Prince Mohammad bin Salman, voiced their willingness to ask Israel’s help to annex Bahrain. These flagrant statements drew wide condemnation from nearly every quarter of the Arab world.
“…you know the union with Bahrain doesn’t explicitly mean to annex our neighbors, but in fact we are wary about the future of Bahrain, its people security and well-being. Bahrain is the home to U.S. fifth fleet which its presence is of vital interest for Saudi Arabia, so we have asked Israeli assistance to root out any resistance in our beloved Bahrain,” said the Saudi Prince, vindicating his brash comments regarding the annexation of Bahrain.

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