vrijdag 19 mei 2017


An artikel by MONIQUE ET ROLAND WEYL, DROIT-SOLIDARITE (Association adhérente à l’Association Internationale des Juristes Démocrates) c/o weyl-porcheron 160 rue du Temple, 75003 PARIS – fax 0142780357 (site : droitsolidarite.free.fr)
If we compare the International Rule of Law with that of its domestic conception, it could be said that NATO is similar to what would be considered an armed band in a state and that even the defensive pretext which attempts to justify its creation could not make it any more acceptable in a democracy than a group of self defence.
To place NATO within the framework of the International Rule of Law, we need first to recall what this concept means.

Ray McGovern Exposes CIA

Ray McGovern ex CIA analyst Exposes CIA pretending to be Russia & hacking DNC to copy Vault 7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LatP39...