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zondag 28 mei 2017

Analyzing the Hypocrisy of U.S. Media

Analyzing the Hypocrisy of U.S. Media Coverage (Video) 

Posted on May 27, 2017
In a two-part interview on Democracy Now!, Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill, co-founders of The Intercept, discuss the media’s role in covering victims of war and how WikiLeaks is crucial for a free press. The interview, conducted by hosts Amy Goodman and Juan González, could not be more timely.
In the first part of the interview, Greenwald and Scahill analyze how Western media have covered the victims of the Manchester, England, terrorist bombing yet are under-covering victims of war in the Middle East.
“If there was just some attention paid to telling the stories of the victims of our own government’s violence, I think there would be a radical shift in how we perceive of ourselves, the role we play in the world and who bears blame in this conflict,” Greenwald says.
The two shift focus in the second part of the interview to discuss journalism in relation to WikiLeaks.
“I think a lot of what is missed in the criticism of Assange and WikiLeaks from news organizations is that what they do to WikiLeaks, and if they do charge Julian Assange with espionage, if they do criminalize what WikiLeaks is doing, that’s a threat to journalists everywhere,” Scahill says. “Regardless of what you think of WikiLeaks, if you are not against their prosecution under this, then you’re going to be part of a drawing back of press freedom in the United States.”

Watch the two-part interview below.
Part 1:
Part 2:

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