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  • I.F. Stone

maandag 24 april 2017

Manchurian Candidate?

Did you know that people cannot actually be programed like the Manchurian candidate, which was a work of fiction? There was never the slightest evidence that China or North Korea had done any such thing. And the CIA spent decades trying to do such a thing, and finally gave up.
Do you know what it was that the U.S. government promoted the myth of “brainwashing” to cover up? During the Korean War, the United States bombed virtually all of North Korea and a good bit of the South, killing millions of people. It dropped massive quantities of Napalm. It bombed dams, bridges, villages, houses. This was all-out mass-slaughter. But there was something the U.S. government didn’t want known, something deemed unethical in this genocidal killing spree.
It is well documented that the United States dropped on China and North Korea insects and feathers carrying anthrax, cholera, encephalitis, and bubonic plague. This was supposed to be a secret at the time, and the Chinese response of mass vaccinations and insect eradication probably contributed to the project’s general failure (hundreds were killed, but not millions). But members of the U.S. military taken prisoner by the Chinese confessed to what they had been a part of, and confessed publicly when they got back to the United States.
Some of them had felt guilty to begin with. Some had been shocked at China’s decent treatment of prisoners after U.S. depictions of the Chinese as savages. For whatever reasons, they confessed, and their confessions were highly credible, were borne out by independent scientific reviews, and have stood the test of time.
How to counter reports of the confessions? The answer for the CIA and the U.S. military and their allies in the corporate media was “brainwashing,” which conveniently explained away whatever former prisoners said as false narratives implanted in their brains by brainwashers.
Did you know that the Korean war has never officially ended? That the U.S. military has never relinquished wartime command of the South Korean military? That the U.S. military has been building big new bases in South Korea opposed by serious popular protests? That people have been coming from around the world for years now to join those protests? That the U.S. and South Korea annually fly practice missions over North Korea practicing to bomb it? That the U.S. is building what it calls a missile defense system in South Korea that North Korea and China consider offensive and part of an offensive first-strike policy? That South Korean activists are seeking to stop this U.S. military madness and now have a chance following the successful impeachment of their president? Did you know that North Korea has abided by past agreements until the U.S. violated them? That North Korea is the only nuclear nation that supports the creation of a treaty banning nukes? That in testing missiles North Korea violates no law? That the U.S. tests missiles all the time? That in threatening war on North Korea the United States commits a grave violation of the law as well as risking getting us all killed?

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