zaterdag 22 april 2017

Leaked Tape About Obama Terrorism

Please listen to this recording, John Kerry says and I quote:" Russia was invited" and "Russia came to fight IS/DASH"
Miguel ValenzuelaFollow
January 6
LISTEN: The U.S Secretary of State John Kerry blamed Russia for interfering with their strategy of using ISIS to topple the Syrian President in this leaked recording. It's like that scene in a superhero movie where the villain who thinks he's better than everyone unveils his plan, only this is real. John Kerry starts out by saying the problem is that "Russians don't care about international law and we do" then he complains about the U.S not having any legal reason to be in Syria since it was not invited by the legitimate Syrian government like Russia was. 
The hypocrisy is not subtle here.
He talks about all the money and weapons they're pouring into Syria, while also talking about how the fighting will kill a lot of Syrians. He casually throws in a factoid that they watched ISIS grow and were hopping that it would topple the Syrian government and then he complains that Russia stopped them because they didn't want an ISIS government in Damascus. He also says that another reason why they can't topple the Syrian government is because Congress won't vote for an invasion like Iraq since a lot of Americans don't want to send young Americans to fight and die in another country. 
The audio was leaked by an unnamed attendee of John Kerry's meeting with Syrian Opposition members in New York City on Sep 22, 2016. The woman who's telling Kerry that the only solution is to kill Assad is Marcell Shehwaro, an activist who's often quoted as a 'credible source' on Syria in hundreds of mainstream media reports. The leaked audio was initially posted on Sep 30, 2016 by the New York Times, but they left out all the juicy bits, so I've put them in this video. CNN also posted the audio but quickly removed it.

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