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donderdag 9 maart 2017

Zionist Fascism

Everyone always asks, If there’s not going to be a Palestinian state, what does Israel plan to do with all those Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem under its control? Here’s a visionary answer from an up-and-coming member of the Knesset from Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, Miki Zohar, speaking on Israeli television Sunday.
That’s right, this is Zohar’s vision, on the English language program The Spin Room.
The two state solution is dead. What is left is a one state solution with the Arabs here as, not as full citizenship. Because full citizenship can let them to vote to the Knesset. They will get all of the rights like every citizen except voting for the Knesset.
Journalist Ami Kaufman: Is that a democracy?
Yes it is a democracy because they will get full rights and all the needs to get to prospect and to succeed here in this country. But they won’t be able to vote to the Knesset.But my idea is that we can let them to vote to the Knesset with only three things that they need to do like every other citizen. One, to go the army or to go serve the country, like everyone else here in Israel is obligated to do.Also they must be castrated
It’s astonishing to think that Miki Zohar, a lawyer and religious Jew of 36, thinks he has come up with a brilliant solution, when his answer is just as old as Jim Crow and apartheid and white supremacy. The good thing about his comments is that he is expressing openly what Israel has gotten away with for decades now, governing a people who are not granted the right to vote and to have children for their government. And yet our leaders call Israel the only democracy in the Middle East.
Zohar’s comments are a lot like settler Yishai Fleisher’s view of Israel’s future, published without rejoinder by the New York Times two weeks ago, in which Fleisher also dispensed with the idea of a Palestinian state– and treated Palestinians as so much human matter to be moved around by Israeli shovels. These guys are helping to create Israel’s new global image.

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  1. En met dit Israel will D66 zaken mee doen in plaats van boycotten...........

    1. Ja en D66 wethouder Ollongren overweegt een 'vriendschapsband' met Tel Aviv.
      For the pigspic record. Here you go Stan.

  2. Sorry ik was te snel, ik maakte er 'Miko' van, niet de bedoeling!
    Nu dan met de juist gespelde naam: Miki Zohar met zijn uitspraak en portret in een graphic.
    Hoe zichtbaarder de quote op internet hoe minder het ooit weg gaat dacht ik. Opdat het deze 'man met ballen' tot in lengte van dagen moge blijven achtervolgen!