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donderdag 30 maart 2017

Justin Johnson Shreds Slide Blues

Guitar “Wizard” Justin Johnson Shreds Slide Blues on a Three-String Electric Shovel Guitar

October 11, 2016

Justin Johnson has been getting attention with a video in which he plays some tasty slide guitar on a three-string guitar made from a shovel and built by Mississippi Blues Guitars.

Johnson is an international touring and recording artist who’s been dubbed “The Wizard” for his mastery of stringed instruments. Tracks from his double album Smoke & Mirrors have been featured in Ken Burns’ 2016 documentary about baseball great Jackie Robinson and a Dodge Motor Company advertisement. Johnson has also published educational books on music theory and technique, and released a series of instructional DVDs.

Some of you may recall that YouTube guitar phenom Rob Scallon has also posted some impressive videos of himself playing a shovel guitar, including clips in which he covers Megadeth’s Holy Wars and Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” using a one-string shovel guitar. We’ve included those below as well.

You can learn more about Johnson at his official website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. For more of his videos, visit his YouTube channel.

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