donderdag 9 maart 2017

All Americans Are Desperate Now

Jimmy Carter is fighting to SAVE our Democracy from Donald Trump and his Big Money Republicans.
But Stan, you’re not going to thank him?

Jimmy Carter knows that our Democracy is broken:
What we have in our Democracy now is an oligarchy where the rich people have a powerful influence, more than the average person does. -- Jimmy Carter
Jimmy is absolutely RIGHT. 
The disastrous Citizens United Court decision has given billionaires and special interests a free pass to buy our Democracy and rig our elections. 
But President Carter is on a mission to fight back against the corrupting influence of money in politics.
Sign your name to stand with Jimmy Carter in the fight to save our Democracy: 
Big Money Republicans in Washington are wasting no time passing their corrupt agenda -- dismantling our campaign finance laws and making the ultra-rich even richer. 
That’s why President Carter is doing everything he can to block their agenda.
If you stand with Jimmy in the fight to repair our Democracy, we need to hear from you today:
Thank you for doing your part,

And This:

The following sponsored email was sent to you by AlterNet on behalf of DCCC
I’m furious.

This morning, the head of the EPA said humans don’t cause climate change.

(Even though the agency he runs says humans are the number one cause.)

The EPA chief is supposed to protect our environment!

But it’s clear that Republicans plan to do nothing of the sort.

Will you sign on and pledge to protect the EPA and environment from Republicans?

President Trump appointed a climate change denier to lead the EPA -- and now we’re seeing the effects.

Grassroots Democrats can’t let these horrifying claims go unnoticed.

Will you fight back?

Sign on and tell the Republicans that we won’t let them destroy our planet.

Thank you,

Nancy Pelosi

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