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donderdag 16 februari 2017

Weapon of Genocide: US Confirms It Used Depleted Uranium in Syria

Weapon of Genocide: US Confirms It Used Depleted Uranium in Syria

Washington admits it used one of the worst weapons imaginable in Syria, despite earlier promises that it wouldn't
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Sorry, we can't stomach an actual photograph of what depleted uranium does.
Sorry, we can't stomach an actual photograph of what depleted uranium does.
You don't want to see what depleted uranium does to human beings.
Depleted Uranium is left over from the enrichment of uranium 235. It is exceptionally hard, and has been employed by militaries both to penetrate armored targets and to reinforce their potential targets like tanks against enemy fire. Though less radioactive than the original uranium, DU is toxic and is considered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to be a “radiation health hazard when inside the body.”
The weapon saw widespread use in the First Gulf War, and its affects on the health of U.S. soldiers was later dubbed "Golf War Syndrome". (At least it was semi-recognized; the severe birth defects and other health issues this weapon has caused among the Iraqi population have simply been ignored or denied).
This disgusting weapon was used again by the Americans during their "liberation" of Fallujah in 2004. Still suffering from the aftermath, the people of Fallujah have seen an unnatural spike in cancer cases and hideous birth defects.
And now, Washington admits that DU was used in Syria — even though it promised otherwise.
As Foreign Policy reports:
Officials have confirmed that the U.S. military, despite vowing not to use depleted uranium weapons on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria, fired thousands of rounds of the munitions during two high-profile raids on oil trucks in Islamic State-controlled Syria in late 2015. The air assaults mark the first confirmed use of this armament since the 2003 Iraq invasion, when it was used hundreds of thousands of times, setting off outrage among local communities, which alleged that its toxic material caused cancer and birth defects.
The idea that such a weapon could be used without every major U.S. leader being dragged to the Hague makes our stomach turn.
FP points out the obvious:
The spent ammunition littering eastern Syria after the attack, along with the wreckage of the trucks, was almost surely not handled appropriately by the occupying authority — that is, the Islamic State. Even if civilians driving the trucks were not initially exposed to the toxic remnants of DU, scavengers and other local residents will likely be placed at risk for years to come.
“What will happen with the destroyed vehicles? Usually they end up in scrapyards, are stripped of valuable parts and components, and dumped,” said Wim Zwijnenburg, senior researcher at the Dutch NGO Pax. “This puts scrap-metal workers, most likely local civilians, at risk of exposure.”
If there are few ideas for what post-Islamic State governance will resemble in eastern Syria, there are none at all about how to safely handle the depleted uranium that the U.S.-led coalition has placed into the environment.
These people are sick.

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  1. Naseer Shamma - Happened At Al-Amiriya Wereldberoemde Oud speler maar niet in het westen. Live uitvoering met gesproken introductie van pakweg 4 minuten

    [ It describes the 1991 American bombardment to Amiriyah shelter during gulf war, which killed 800 civilian, most of them were women and children ]

    In the comment section someone posted a translation of the spoken introduction: Translation to what Nasser said

    "I don't like to finish this evening, but I have to. ( Happened at Al-Amiriya) I wrote this piece inside Al-Amiriya shelter, after we took the children outside. statistic said there was 400 to 500 child, but I know we took over 800. unfortunately, I witnessed that crime. Inside me I look to it as the beginning of the new world collapsing. the collapse of morals, rules, and scales that control the human faith and resources. Al- Amiriya was not the only incident there were other. Part of those were because the regime (Saddam gov.) and others because enemies from out side Iraq. Perhaps because Iraq have old civilization that laid a lot of humanity, since, education, art, language, literature, and orbit since. Everything we hear about today and enjoy today it is because five civilizations lived at Mesopotamia. When the second gulf war stopped I asked Moaed Saed the manger of the Iraqi museum to open the museum and play on my Oud. The blood was not dry yet not in our vassals nether inside the soil. The museum gate was build to close with brackets. From out side looked like a wall. We brake the wall and opened the gate. I sat between two winged bulls each one of them wighted 37 tons. Behind me was the god of wisdom Nabo and on my left and right Shingles Babylonian captivity of the Jews. And all Assyrians life and all creative productions of Akkadians, Babylonians and Sumerians. And all other civilizations that been through this country like Our civilization. I played on my Oud and told the people "from here we shall begin". This is Iraq. This is the depth of Iraq. The present is not in our side. We must go out from this place to the future. We shall work for generation that will come after us. We proud that civilizations give us all this achievements, which only art archived. Americans wanted to destroyed that land that I stood on one day (the museum) when I told the Iraqis from here we shall begin. It is like they came to Iraq to tell me personally "now where you will stand", but I stand with musical Instrument that is 3500 B.C old. I don't want to say meaningless words, but with this instrument (Oud) I will expose America and Britain to the world" 

    1. In 2002 it appeared that the place was still radioactive, a consequence from the use of uranium in the missiles.[10] 'as explained in the French-language documentary "Irak, d'une guerre à l'autre", produced in 2002. The documentary features a Geiger counter being brought in the building and the counter detects a significant amount of radioactivity inside the destroyed bunker' - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amiriyah_shelter_bombing

      The US army Lockheed produced GBU 28 bunker buster bomb was again mentioned as containing aformentioned depleted uranium in an article published in globalresearch.ca Bunker buster bombs containing depleted uranium warheads used by Israel against civilian targets in Lebanon