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Frank Westerman's Provinciale Schrijverij 39

I would say that all those people who told you that Trump had no chance didn’t know the America they lived in, and the reason is that the media, the opinion-makers live in New York and Washington, which is not the United States,
aldus de Amerikaanse auteur Stephen Cohen, ‘professor emeritus of Russian studies, history, and politics at New York University and Princeton University,’ en ‘contributing author’ van The Nation, het oudste progressieve weekblad van de VS, op 13 november 2016 tijdens het televisieprogramma van de Russische programmamaakster Sophie Shevardnadze, waarin hij voorts het volgende uiteen zette: 
We now are in a Cold War much more dangerous than the 40 year long Cold War we thought had ended. There are three places where Russia and America could very easily suddenly be in a hot war, that is the Baltic region, that is Ukraine, and that is Syria. Trump has said that het wants to do something about it to improve it. What he said is very fragmentary but very different than…