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The Secrets of the US Election

Hillary’s Emails Confirm Oligarchic Control

Assange Points Out Hillary’s Emails Confirm Oligarchic ControlNovember 5, 2016| Categories: Guest Contributions| Tags: |Print This Article
Assange Points Out Hillary’s Emails Confirm Oligarchic Control Assange: Clinton & ISIS funded by same money, Trump won’t be allowed to win (JOHN PILGER EXCLUSIVE)Published time: 4 Nov, 2016 05:00Edited time: 4 Nov, 2016 16:49 Get short URL

Frank Westerman's Provinciale Schrijverij 33

Terrorism is the war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich. Sir Peter Ustinov. Achtung! Vorurteile. 2003
America is today the leader of a world-wide anti-revolutionary movement in the defense of vested interests. She now stands for what Rome stood for. Rome consequently supported the rich against the poor in all foreign communities that fell under her sway; and, since the poor, sofar, have always and everywhere been far more numerous than the rich, Rome’s policy made for inequality, for injustice, and for the least happiness of the greatest number. — Arnold J. Toynbee. America and the World Revolution and Other Lectures. 1962.

In the next few years, the future world order, and America’s place in it, will be determined. In all likelihood, it will fall to the next U.S. president to make the crucial decisions that will define that future. If the United States withdraws to concentrate on ‘nation building at home,’ then the forces fighting against liberal democracy and our way of l…