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Warnings of a New World War

The Warnings of a New World WarOctober 14, 2016
The U.S.-Russia confrontation over Ukraine and now Syria is far more dangerous than is understood by mainstream U.S. analysts as Russia lays down clear warnings that are mostly being ignored, writes Gilbert Doctorow.

In an interview with the Bild newspaper on Oct. 8, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who is known for his cautious rhetoric, described the present international situation in the following woeful terms: “unfortunately it is an illusion to believe this is the old Cold War. The new times are different; they are more dangerous. Previously, the world was divided, but Moscow and Washington knew each other’s red lines and respected them. In a world with many regional conflicts and dwindling influence of the great powers, the world becomes more unpredictable.”
For these reasons, said Steinmeier, “The USA and Russia must continue talking with each other.” He concluded his appeal with fairly balanced recommendations to res…

Obama Wants War With Russia

U.S. Considering Major Cyber Attack Against Russia: Report The Obama administration wants the Kremlin to answer for its alleged meddling in U.S. elections. 10/15/2016 11:31 am ET 710

Daniel MaransReporter, Huffington Post

U.S. Threatens with Nuclear War

President Obama Threatens President Putin with Nuclear War
Posted onOctober 14, 2016byEric Zuesse. Eric Zuesse “It’ll be at a time of our choosing,” says U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, on NBC’’s “Meet the Press,” to be aired on Sunday, October 16th. Interviewer Chuck Todd had asked him, “Why would he [Obama] send a message out to Putin?” Biden pursed his lips, paused, and said, with a grim look on his face, “We sent him the message.” Of course that didn’t answer Todd’s question, which was “Why?” Biden and Todd both remained silent for another tense moment. Then, Biden picked up again: “We have the capacity to do it, and, uh,” and Todd interrupted him there with “He’ll know it?” Biden replied: “He’ll know it, and it’ll be at a time of our choosing, and under circumstances that have the greatest impact. Uh, the capacity to do, to fundamentally alter the election, is not what people think; and, uh, I tell you what: to the extent that they do [‘do’ presumably meaning: fundamentally alter the …

U.S. Joins Saudi War Crimes

US enters Yemen fray with missile attacks on Houthi radar sites#YemenWar
US targets three radar stations reportedly used by Houthi rebels to fire missiles at American destroyers The USS Nitze fired on the Houthi radar sites (AFP) MEE and agencies Wednesday 12 October 2016 19:50 UTC Last update:  Thursday 13 October 2016 23:52 UTC 49130