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Zionist Fascism

Video shows execution of Palestinian in JerusalemMaureen Clare MurphyRights and Accountability19 February 2016 The apparent execution of a Palestinian in occupied East Jerusalem was caught on video by Al Jazeera on Friday. Israel says that the young man was carrying out a stabbing attack on Israeli Border Police officers when he was killed at the Damascus Gate to Jerusalem’s Old City. But video of the incident released by Al Jazeera indicates that the young man did not pose an immediate threat to anyone’s life when massive lethal force was used against him. The video shows a Border Police officer shooting at the man, who falls to the ground. Then several other heavily armed officers shoot dozens of bullets into the body of the man as he lies on the ground and as passersby hurry away from the scene: The video is a shocking display of Israel’s routine and reflexive use of lethal force, which has resulted in the slaying of approximately 170 Palestinians, including dozens of children, …

Roger Waters and Zionist Terror

Roger Waters: Pink Floyd star on why his fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel  Exclusive: 'If they say something they will no longer have a career – I have been accused of being a Nazi and an anti-Semite' Paul Gallagher@PMGallagher12 hours  ago773 comments

The Power Elite

The Power Elite Now
Alan Wolfe

C. Wright Mills’s The Power Elite was published in 1956, a time, as Mills himself put it, when Americans were living through “a material boom, a nationalist celebration, a political vacuum.” It is not hard to understand why Americans were as complacent as Mills charged.
Let’s say you were a typical 35-year-old voter in 1956. When you were eight years old, the stock market crashed, and the resulting Great Depression began just as you started third or fourth grade. Hence your childhood was consumed with fighting off the poverty of the single greatest economic catastrophe in American history. When you were 20, the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor, ensuring that your years as a young adult, especially if you were male, would be spent fighting on the ground in Europe or from island to island in Asia. If you were lucky enough to survive that experience, you returned home at the ripe old age of 24, ready to resume some semblance of a normal life—only then to witnes…