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Financial Oligarchy


The Internet and Social Fragmentation

By Fred Reed

February 12, 2016 "Information Clearing House" -The existence of the internet may not be news in most places, nor that it does things astonishing to those alive before the net and boring to those who came after. But I wonder whether the net might have underlying consequences perhaps not well understood.
In particular, I wonder how to measure the influence of the internet in Battambang, Bali, Bukittinggi, or Tierra del Fuego. Or in small towns in Mexico, such as Jocotepec, down the road from me.
Fifty years ago, such places existed in near-perfect isolation from the world at large. Nobody, bright or otherwise, had much chance of learning much of anything. There was AM radio with a limited selection of music and governmentally controlled news. There might be a small library. If you lived near a big city, Guadalajara, in Mexico or Bogota in Colombia, there were good bookstores but books cost money. It was de facto intellectual impr…

U.S. Wants War

How Republics Perish

By Patrick J. Buchanan

February 12, 2016 "Information Clearing House" -   If you believed America’s longest war, in Afghanistan, was coming to an end, be advised: It is not.
Departing U.S. commander Gen. John Campbell says there will need to be U.S. boots on the ground “for years to come.” Making good on President Obama’s commitment to remove all U.S. forces by next January, said Campbell, “would put the whole mission at risk.”
“Afghanistan has not achieved an enduring level of security and stability that justifies a reduction of our support. … 2016 could be no better and possibly worse than 2015.”
Translation: A U.S. withdrawal would risk a Taliban takeover with Kabul becoming the new Saigon and our Afghan friends massacred.
Fifteen years in, and we are stuck.
Nor is America about to end the next longest war in its history: Iraq. Defense Secretary Ash Carter plans to send units of the 101st Airborne back to Iraq to join the 4,000 Americans now fighting there,


P&M redactie • 12 feb 2016 EEN BITTER GELIJK: GEEN VLUCHTELINGEN  ONDER DADERS KEULEN Het politieonderzoek naar de massa-aanranding in Keulen is dik een maand onderweg en de Nederlandse voorpagina's en nieuwsbulletins zwijgen terwijl de feiten boekdelen spreken. Vluchtelingen waren er amper of niet bij betrokken. Het is eerherstel voor iedereen die weigerde mee te huilen met de wolven in het bos. Voor de feministische activisten in Spijkenisse die gearresteerd werden wegens hun verzet tegen 'verzetsspray'. Voor de nuancezoekers die van 'wegkijken' en bagatellisering van vrouwelijk leed werden beschuldigd. En in zekere zin is het ook eerherstel voor de slachtoffers, die nu tenminste niet meer twéé keer misbruikt kunnen worden. Voor wie de feiten in de ogen durft te zien:  de daders zijn leden van bekende criminele bendes. De aanrandingen waren het middel en beroving het doel. Natuurlijk maakt dit het voor de slachtoffers niet minder erg, maar het is essentieel vo…

Anger. Rage.

Watch Corporate America Turn A Room Full Of Workers Into Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Supporters Establishment politicians still don't understand. 02/12/2016 04:15 pm ET | Updated 7 hours ago
Zach Carter Senior Political Economy Reporter, The Huffington Post Ryan Grim Washington Bureau Chief, The Huffington Post Getty Images
There's a reason workers like Sanders and Trump. The past few years have been very good for United Technologies. The contractor does billions of dollars a year in business with the federal government. CEO Gregory Hayes pulled down nearly $10 million in 2014, and over $20 million the year before. On Thursday, the company reported $7.6 billion in profits, up from $6.2 billion the year before, and $5.7 billion the year before that. In October, United Technologies even expanded its stock buyback program to $12 billion. Spending the company's money to purchase its own stock elevates the value of its share prices. United Technologies was so flush…

The World According to NRC

Wat is er mis met Europa, en wat doen 

we eraan?
Caroline de Gruyter heeft een 
oplossing voor 
de problemen in Europa.
Vraag: Wie isde 'We' van mevrouw De 

Hillary Clinton and the Zionist Lobby

GRAYZONE PROJECT  The Clintons Earned Over $3.5 Million in Paid Addresses to Pro-Israel Organizations Bill Clinton said he “would grab a rifle” and fight for Israel during paid speech. BySarah LazareMax Blumenthal /  AlterNet February 11, 2016 89 COMMENTS Bill and Hillary Clinton are under increasing scrutiny from the mainstream press over paid speeches they have given to big banks in exchange for millions of dollars. According to CNN, the couple has earned a total of $153 million in lecture fees from companies and organizations affiliated with the financial industry. But the media has been conspicuously silent about the large sums the Clintons have raked in from paid addresses to pro-Israel organizations, including the Jewish National Fund (JNF), which directly participates in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and Bedouin citizens of Israel. An evaluation of Hillary Clinton’s public disclosures from 2001 to 2015 shows that she and Bill, and their daughter, Chelsea, have earne…