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Paul Craig Roberts 154

The FBI’s Two-Pronged Investigation of Hillary Clinton — Paul Craig RobertsJanuary 16, 2016| Categories: Articles & Columns| Tags: |Print This Article The FBI’s Two-Pronged Investigation of Hillary Clinton Paul Craig Roberts Judge Napolitano in the article below explains the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. There are two aspects of the investigation. The original source of her trouble is the charge that she failed to safeguard national security secrets. As Judge Napolitano explains, this crime does not require intent and can result from negligence or simply from a lack of awareness that a secret is being revealed, as in the case that Judge Napolitano provides of the US Navy sailor who was prosecuted for espionage because a “selfie” he sent to his girlfriend revealed a sonar screen in the background. An even more egregious case is that of the US Marine who was prosecuted for using email to alert superiors to the presence of an al-Quada operative inside a US military compoun…

Vluchtelingenstroom 56

Wat is er toch mis met de elite? Geert Mak pleit in deze uitgebreide versie van zijn dankwoord bij de uitreiking van de Gouden Ganzenveer voor een herbezinning, ook binnen de elite zelf. 
Een goede elite kenmerkt zich door kwaliteit, zeker, maar ook door empathie en courage. Een goede elite erkent dat ze een elite is, en dat ‘noblesse oblige,’ in de breedste zin van het woord. Een goede elite luistert en kijkt met duizend ogen en oren. Een goede elite ligt dwars. Een goede elite durft het idee los te laten dat politiek alleen maar een vorm is van publiek management, durft luidop te dromen, durft ook onaangename waarheden onder ogen te zien en uit te spreken. Een goede elite durft te verliezen en klappen te krijgen. Een goede elite vecht voor het ambt, als trotse dienaren van de publieke zaak. Een goede elite gedraagt zich niet als burgers, maar als citoyens, elke dag.
Kwaliteit, empathie en courage, ja, dat hebben wij, als elite, in deze tijd nodig. Maar de grootste van deze drie is cou…

Hillary's Smoking Guns

Two Smoking Guns: FBI on Hillary’s Case

By Andrew P. Napolitano
January 15, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - The federal criminal investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s failure to secure state secrets was ratcheted up earlier this week, and at the same time, the existence of a parallel criminal investigation of another aspect of her behavior was made known. This is the second publicly revealed expansion of the FBI’s investigations in two months. I have argued for two months that Clinton’s legal woes are either grave or worse than grave. That argument has been based on the hard, now public evidence of her failure to safeguard national security secrets and the known manner in which the Department of Justice addresses these failures. The failure to safeguard state secrets is an area of the law in which the federal government has been aggressive to the point of being merciless. State secrets are the product of members of the intelligence community’s risking …

The War on 0.00003 percent Risk

Here’s the Thing About Terrorism Obama Won’t Tell You Our wildly inflated fear of terrorism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. By , January 13, 2016.  Share Print State of the Union screen grab by Steve Baker / Flickr. One in 3.5 million: That’s your annual risk of dying from a terrorist attack in the United States, at least according to Cato analyst John Mueller. Rounded generously, that comes out to roughly 3 one-hundred thousandths of a percentage point, or 0.00003 percent. And this, according to a recent Gallup poll cited by The New York Times, is the percentage of Americans “worried that they or someone in their family would be a victim of terrorism”: 51. So that’s 51 percent of Americans who think a terrorist attack against themselves is sufficiently likely to warrant their personal concern, versus a 0.00003 percent chance it might actually happen. If you’ll forgive my amateur number crunching, that means Americans are overestimating their personal exposure to terrorism by …