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maandag 26 december 2016

Obama's 1984

Obama Signs Christmas Bill Making Alternative Media Illegal

Obama signs bill making alternative media illegal

President Obama has just quietly signed into law a bill that makes it illegal to run an alternative media website in the U.S.
On Friday, just two days before Christmas, Obama signed the “Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017” bill into law.
Wearechange.org reports:
This bill will “Criminalize ‘Fake News, Propaganda’ on the Web,” a key piece of legislation meant to crack down on free speech and independent media. In Layman’s terms, the act will allow the government to crack down with impunity against any media outlet it deems “propaganda.” The next piece of the legislation will provide substantial amounts of money to fund “counter propaganda,” to make sure the government’s approved stories drown out alternative media and journalists who question the status quo.
The “right to free speech and freedom of the press,” is guaranteed by the First Amendment to The U.S. Constitution. It is a foundation of American values, put in place by our Founding Fathers to protect our liberties, is now being endangered by this new law.
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
The liberty of the press is essential to the security of freedom in a state: it ought not, therefore, to be restrained in this commonwealth.” – John Adams, Samuel Adams, James Bowdoin (1780). Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
This is not the first time that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was used to disguise a piece of legislation. Back in 2012, Obama signed a law that allowed for the “indefinite detention of American citizens” without a judge or jury. Then in 2013, Obama signed an NDAA bill that packaged an end to the Smith-Mundit act that prevented the government from using propaganda against its own citizens enabling the government again to legally produce propaganda.
What does that mean for you if you are an independent journalist or blogger? You can read more here, but it means that for simply writing this and asking questions and pointing out that Obama always signs these bills around the holidays like I did in this poem, if I am accused of “fake news” or propaganda, I could face criminal charges.
In other words the stage is now set for the U.S. government to legally crack down on every media outlet that the they deem to be “foreign propaganda.” The ministry of truth is setup. Welcome to 1984.
In a statement, Obama said that:
Today, I have signed into law S. 2943, the “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017.” This Act authorizes fiscal year 2017 appropriations principally for the Department of Defense and for Department of Energy national security programs, provides vital benefits for military personnel and their families, and includes authorities to facilitate ongoing operations around the globe. It continues many critical authorizations necessary to ensure that we are able to sustain our momentum in countering the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and to reassure our European allies, as well as many new authorizations that, among other things, provide the Departments of Defense and Energy more flexibility in countering cyber-attacks and our adversaries’ use of unmanned aerial vehicles.”

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  1. Laat je niet bangmaken. Gewoon doorgaan.

  2. Must see! Nu live steam !!!! The Global Assassination Grid https://streaming.media.ccc.de/33c3/hall1

    1. ....o.a. getuigenissen veteranen over de VS gruweldaden met drones in non war zones.....

    2. Spreker was Cian Westmoreland:
      "In 2009, Cian Westmoreland was one of the US Air Force communications personnel who built a critical component of the global communications infrastructure underlying the drone program in Afghanistan through the 73rd Expeditionary Air Control Squadron.

      It’s area of responsibility covered 621,000 square kms over Afghanistan, and assists in networking disparate ground and air assets across coalition forces and service branches, in addition to drones. It helps connect the battlefield to the Combined Air Operations Center in Al Udeid, Qatar and Ramstein, Germany. At the end of his tour he received a document stating that he assisted in 200+ enemy kills, while the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan reports 359 civilians killed that year.

      Cian began speaking openly about his role in November of 2015, along with three other former servicemen to the Guardian and DemocracyNow." https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congress/2016/Fahrplan/speakers/7193.html

  3. Een soort van satire-site?
    een commentaar uit de commentsectie
    This bill has NOT been passed by the Senate, nor signed by the President, and your site is exactly the kind of website that is endangering the valid alternative news media sites that this bill is about. STOP creating false news and passing along bullshit. HERE is a government link to see the status on this bill PROVING this article is pure crap:


  4. op die link staat dat de wet is aangenomen. passed

  5. ok, en dan ook nog dit: