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  • I.F. Stone

woensdag 9 november 2016

The Rejection of the Establishment

“The glass ceiling that so many Democrats thought Hillary Clinton would shatter as the first woman president came crashing down on them Tuesday night in what can only be

described as a devastating and unexpected defeat for progressive hopes, values and agendas.”

This clearly shows just how clueless are the Democratic liberal elites. The Trump vote was largely a rejection of the establishment of both the Democratic and Republican parties. It was certainly not “a devastating and unexpected defeat for progressive hopes, values and agendas,”’ because, contrary to what the author and his cohorts at

Alternet believe, that was not what was being offered by the Clinton machine, and the voters knew that. Hillary and the establishment neoliberal corporatists Dems were only offering more of the same.

Voters weren’t fooled by her sudden rejection of the “free trade” deals that have devastated so many of the lives of working families and their communities. They weren’t buying that the Hillary Clinton who was taking more money from Wall Street banks for giving a single speech than they could make working their asses off for years of hard labor was on their side. She had the damn nerve to characterize them all as ignorant, racist and misogynistic “deplorables” without bothering to find out who their really were, because she simply didn’t care. They were never her kind of people.
There has been a lot written about how Trump has destroyed the Republican Party. If Democrats don’t wise up and take a good look at themselves, instead of blaming the

ignorance of the voters, they are also done as a electable party. They need to take a look at what Bernie did right and follow that example.

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    1. Lees je zomaar weer 's iets op de Volkskrant-site :
      Het ware gezicht van de Volkskrant.
      Een stuk vol manipulaties,stemmingmakerij....
      Met als klapper:"Ondertussen in Trumpland: 'We hebben fucking gewonnen! 'In stripclub Jill's, langs de snelweg naar West-Virginna, smijten breedgeschouderde truckers met dollars alsof ze Donald Trump zelf zijn. Op het podium hangt een meisje, dat zo op het oog nog niet zo heel lang geleden de stemgerechtigde leeftijd bereikte, ondersteboven in een paal.'