zondag 23 oktober 2016

Help Stop Climate Change

stan, we need leaders who will take decisive action to stop climate change, protect public health and preserve the environment for generations to come.

Sign the NRDC Action Fund’s petition and pledge to vote to stop climate change on November 8th.

This past summer was the hottest ever recorded since record keeping began 137 years ago -- yet climate change deniers and the coal and oil industries continue to promote lies about what's happening to our world.

Some 97 percent of climate scientists agree: human activity is warming our planet, and we desperately need to act now to protect human health and the environment.

Sign the petition supporting the following climate solutions:
  • Setting and achieving clear targets for reducing greenhouse gas pollution. 
  • Accelerating the clean energy tech revolution to replace coal and oil with wind, solar and other renewable energy.
  • Ending all subsidies for dirty fossil fuels and investing instead in a clean energy future.
  • Protecting our coasts and special wild places from dangerous new oil and gas drilling. 
  • For the sake of future generations, sign the petition and help solve our climate crisis. 

    NRDC Action Fund

    Paid for by the NRDC Action Fund.

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