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donderdag 8 september 2016


Former Lebanese Minister Says Erdogan Hid at Russian Base During Coup (Video)

Erdogan may owe Putin even more for saving his butt than we thought
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The extent to which Vladimir Putin may have stuck his neck out to save Turkish President Recip Erdogan is becoming more clear.
In an interview with Lebanese TV, a former government minister and TV personality Wahim Wahab stated that Russia not only warned Erdogan of the impending putsch, but also provided him a safe haven at its base in Syria.
If true, Erdogan's tentative rapprochement with Moscow may have an even more personal motive than previously thought. 

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  1. In Nederland :
    Erdogan de Verschrikkelijke....maar zie hoe de Volkskrant schrijft over de Netanyahu de Goedmoedige.......

  2. Dat fascisme spreekt die rooms-katholieken kennelijk nog altijd aan.