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dinsdag 27 september 2016



Weer uit een artikel van Justin Raimondo: 
'They fought the good fight', the legacy of the American First Committee (25.07.01) weer antiwar.com
Hier wist ik niets van, maar dit is de beweging van de non-interventionalists ten tijde van FDR.
Enorm belangrijk. Dat die krachten er ueberhaupt waren en de manier waarop ze 'ontmand' werden.
Niets nieuws onder de zon:
 ...Flynn backed FDR in 1932 and devoted his journalistic energies to exposing the fraud and abuses then endemic in the financial markets. Like many progressives, he was shocked at the corporatist initiatives coming out of the Administration, especially the National Recovery Act. The blizzard of alphabet soup agencies created by unprecedented government spending led him to the conclusion that the New Deal would have to culminate in war. It would be politically impossible to maintain the level of spending the President required, and he would need conservatives – the internationalist wing of the Republican party – to get his program through Congress. By combining national defense with the need to employ and otherwise subsidize large numbers of people, the President could solve his political and economic troubles in one blow.

I want to turn, now, to another aspect of this subject, and that is the question of why the America First movement failed in spite of its popular support. The majority of the American people didn't want war: the elites wanted war, and they got it. Why? There were three main reasons for the defeat of the non-interventionists, three areas of weakness in a movement which otherwise had the resources and the level of organization to win. (...)
om een indruk te geven. Een indringende historische analyse van een zeer boeiende beweging rond Ch. Lindberg e.a.
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