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vrijdag 2 september 2016

Alternative News Media

In Defence of Russia Insider and Alternative News Media

A defence of Russia Insider and a look at the criticism directed at alternative news media, which dares to offer an alternative to that which now resembles a government propaganda factory
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The author is a UK citizen and an English and social science teacher living in SE Asia. Не currently works in China

As people wake up each day, it's a natural reaction to switch on the computer and read what happened overnight. The objective is not merely news, but information, without an intentionally misleading slant that lectures and often resembles a political script. Consequently, alternative media content gives another perspective, but now under increasing attack in many countries in the supposedly 'free' world.
Rachel Alexander’s site Intellectual Conservative paid the price for outing Democrat corruption. Meanwhile, What Really Happened posts a warning that its site might not be available because of constant DOS attacks. Conversely, the same problems do not occur with mainstream media (MSM).
The '1984' future of MSM?
As dissent translates to causing offence, offence becomes racism. Racist hate is banned and dissent becomes criminalised. Moreover, alternative news becomes a conspiracy and if proved correct (Snowden), in turn becomes a threat that needs to be removed from society.
The European Union gives Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft 24 hours to censor all 'hate speech' as the European Union declares war on Internet free speech.
In Germany there is a lengthening list of prosecutions of 'Volksverhetzung' (public incitement). Lutz Bachmann was fined €9,600 (US $10,700), for making online derogatory comments against Muslim migrants. This is not an isolated incident: France begins shutting down alternative news websites and Sweden caught censoring the Internet 1984 style.
When you allow that much information to be downloaded into your brain, it is going to have a dramatic impact on how you think.
The difference between Russia and the west is that no one, in Voltaire's words, is prepared to defend anything MSM say to the death anymore. The concept of equality remains an unachievable abstract. Meanwhile, diversity becomes conformity to multicultural tolerance and inclusiveness, in which the correct opinion becomes fact. In a melting pot of group identity rights, the 'safe spaces' of western tolerance today, will become the cultural graveyards of tomorrow. Russia-Insider and alternative media is the antidote.
MSM - change the name, pretend it's a threat, or ban it!
Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, says she intends to take legal action against US network amid exasperation over US conservative claims about Islamic-run enclaves in Britain and Europe.
Sharia 'no go' Muslim area in the UK.
No-go zones, or Islamic-run enclaves in France do not officially exist and that’s because they changed the name.
Nevertheless, despite the semantics, they exist in all major European cities. "Islamic immigrants consider it their territory and whites enter at their own risk. The French call them "sensitive urban zones" -- no-go zones where the police don't enter or don't enforce the law."
In the UK, the term for no-go areas is 'Muslim areas'. "An analysis of 2011 census datareveals the existence of more than 100 Muslim enclaves in Britain […] No sensible person is saying that state authorities are prohibited from entering no-go zones as a matter of law. The point is that they are severely discouraged from entering as a matter of fact; the degree of discouragement varies directly with the density of the Muslim population and its radical component […]"
NATO surrounds Russia.
NATO surrounds Russia in case, if, maybe, possibly, it invades Western Europe. This comes from a country that has actually invaded, occupied or bombed 14 others and the CIA has destabilised at least 35 in the past three decades.
A lack of critical thinking skills in a US population, with its 14% illiteracy rate, and an estimated 40% already suffering from some form of mental illness in the European Union, is why it’s now so easy to disguise propaganda as news.
"Why is the Western media always so negative about Russia?  Because it is necessary to confuse and befuddle the population and all the while keeping them in a constant state of nervousness and fear in order to control their reactions to horrible, anti-democratic actions by the government or hide the gross disparity between our culture and foreign cultures."
New Swedish Law Criminalizes Anti-immigration Internet Speechcontaining dissent against politicians, immigrants, or homosexuals.
"You’re free in Sweden to be critical of immigration, those in power, or people identifying as “LBGT” — at least within the confines of your mind. But dare express those views, even on the Internet, and you can now be more easily prosecuted under a new law taking full effect after Christmas (2014)."
"It's all about whether you can be said to be hostile to immigration. Once that is 'proven,' you're out of the game […] If they point at you and say you are a racist, then you will have no job, no career, you might lose your family. You will have no future" - Ingrid Carlqvist, Swedish journalist.
"When President Obama visited Sweden last year, he expressed admiration for the "Swedish model".
If what the western media say is true, why is there fear of dissent?
"Writers are concerned that expressing certain views even privately or researching certain topics may lead to negative consequences - Global Chilling 'The Impact of Mass Surveillance on International Writers', in Pen America.  
Mass surveillance has badly shaken writers’ faith that democratic governments will respect their rights to privacy and freedom of expression" - The full report of the Pen America surveillance findings (pdf).
Russia Insider: The Facts
If the USEU and NATO, weren’t intent on trying to create a one-world progressive government, by stealth, coercion and invasion, alternative media sites wouldn’t need to exist. The alternative media sites exist to provide a counter balance of reality, as opposed to belief. This is no longer a question of opposing politics, but an ideological war for hearts and minds. President Putin is not a God, nor is Russia a utopia; what Russia Insider does is show the reality of maintaining tradition to an increasingly sceptical audience engaged in social chaos - cultural Marxism, who look at the very obvious social and economic declineof the west, wonder where it came from and why it’s not happening everywhere else.
This is the kind of non-traditional new-age behaviour that belongs in the west, needs to be isolated from the rest of the world and requires alternative media explanations to educate an increasingly stupefied society. Is this simply the western millennial generation Russia doesn’t want its own society to resemble?
In a quarter of a century, Russia has made the transition from a failed state to a world leader, whereas elevating politicians to Godlike status, trying to achieve equality and introducing multiculturalism has sent the west plummeting to near third world status in two decades.
"In a global environment where cultural traffic is increasingly all one-way, with little variation or dissent, Russia is demonised as a backward and morally inferior society that will be condemned and if necessary punished until it rolls over and agrees to adopt the values of its enlightened critics. So what if many Russian people possess a moral outlook that is different to what prevails in Washington, London or Hollywood? That means little to the double standard diplomats, who want everyone to embrace their worldview."
As the western decline continues, it is envisaged more people will turn to alternative media sites like Russia Insider, whilst maintaining future compulsory allegiance to MSM. The change will need to include explanations and analysis behind the news, as opposed to MSM beliefs, which eventually people will turn away from as reality dawns and the consequences begin to strike home. What is now occurring is the dumbing down period before the collapse.

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