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The Clinton Donors

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Clintons' Dirty Pay to Play Racket

by Stephen Lendman

The name of the game is influence selling and self-enrichment, very big bucks involved. 

The Clinton Foundation is a money laundering racketeering scheme posing as a charitable NGO. Bill and Hillary should have prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned long ago. In America they get away with high crimes no just societies would tolerate.

Last year, the Washington Post reported the Clinton Foundation “raised close to $2 billion from a vast global network that includes corporate titans, political donors, foreign governments and other wealthy interests.”

“Nearly half of the major donors (and) nearly half of the bundlers from her 2008 campaign” are foundation contributors. Many of the largest donors are foreign governments.

The pay to play scheme benefits them greatly. It cuts to the heart of the Clinton cash scandal. Examples below.

Writing for Harpers last November, investigative journalist Ken Silverstein called the Clintons’ “so-called charitable enterprise…a vehicle to launder money and to enrich family friends.”

If the Justice Department and law enforcement agencies (did) their jobs, the foundation (would) be closed and its current and past trustees, who include Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton, (would) be indicted.”

The Clintons became super-rich by doing what would land ordinary people in prison - racketeering in violation of RICO legislation.

“(I)t’s an open secret to anyone remotely familiar with accounting and regulatory requirements for charities that (their foundation’s) financial records are deliberately misleading,” Silverstein explained. The entire operation reflects willful fraud.

If Hillary succeeds Obama next year, husband Bill said their foundation no longer will accept corporate and foreign donations, only ones from US citizens and alleged charities.

The annual Clinton Global Initiative of influential world leaders will hold its final meeting next month in New York, regardless of the presidential election’s outcome.

Bill said he’ll also resign from the foundation’s board. Hillary stepped down last year to run for president. What they intend ahead can’t compensate for the foundation’s pay to play shenanigans up to now.

Below is a partial list of donors, a small number of around 1,100 foreign donors alone, most of their names kept secret.

Prince of Abu Dhabi and Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahayan and the Al Nahayan family of Abu Dhabi

Access to HRC at State Dept. and a $500,000 environmental speech by Bill Clinton given at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi while HRC was meeting in Washington with Shaikh Abdullah.

State clearance for U.S. arms sales to Algeria. Deal included biological and chemical agents.


Strong State Dept. for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which stands to be a boon for Australian 
multinational firms.



Muted criticism by State of Bahrain’s abysmal human rights practices.



State Dept. clearance for $29 billion arms U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia, including Boeing’s F-15 fighter.



State Dept. clearance for U.S. weapons sales to Brunei.

Influence buying by the Cameroon government with the Clinton State Department.



State Dept. support for Canada’s Keystone XL pipeline, eventually vetoed by Barack Obama.

Chagoury Group

$5,000,000 in cash and a $1,000,000,000 pledge

HRC delayed designating Nigeria’s Boko Haram as a foreign terrorist organization because of Chagoury Group’s investments and operations in Nigeria. Chagoury Group
received the “Sustainable Development Award” from the CGI. Chagooury helped the family of Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha hide his wealth stolen from Nigeria’s oil revenues.

Confederation of Indian Industry


Access for Indian businesses to U.S. government officials.
Corning, Inc.

Clinton arranged for international access for the New York-based firm.

Dahdaleh, Victor


Lobbyist for Bahrain state-owned aluminum company who sought a contract between the Bahraini firm and the U.S.-owned Alcoa World Alumina.

Dominican Republic


Clinton Foundation board member Rolando Gonzalez’s company InterEnergy received contracts from Dominican government for wind energy projects. The firm received Domican President’s Gold Citizen Award in 2010.

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)


State pressure on Justice Dept. to curtail criminal investigation of FIFA.
Fernwood Foundation (Canadian foundation run by Canadian uranium mining mogul Ian Telfer

Telfer’s UrAsia and Uranium One Corporations, co-owned with Canadian mining magnate and “Friend of Bill” Frank Giustra received favorable uranium mining deals with Kazakhstan and Russia’s ROSATOM and Kazakhstan’s KAZATOMPROM.
Flanders, Government of

High-level access to U.S. government officials by Flemish government officials and businesses.

GEMS Education, Dubai


Bill Clinton made “honorary chairman” of the Dubai company.

High-level access to U.S. government officials by German officials and businessmen.

Giustra, Frank (Canadian mining magnate) (Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership/Radcliffe Foundation)


State soft-peddled threat of the Islamic State because Lafarge had negotiated with the terrorists to maintain its operations in ISIL-controlled territory in Syria. arranged favorable deals with Kazakhstan and its president, Nursultan Nazarbayev.
Hindustan Construction Corp. (India)

Access for corporate officials to U.S. government officials.

Influence-buying by Irish government with the Clintons.


Influence buying by the Italian government with the Clinton State Department.



Digicel Group, owned by Irish billionaire and Friend of Bill, Denis O’Brien, received USAID grant for a telecommunications project in Jamaica. Digicel (Jamaica) paid Bill Clinton $225,000 for a speech in Kingston. That was in addition to the $100,000 kicked in by Jamaica to the Clinton Foundation.



State Dept. clearance for U.S. weapons sales to Kuwait.

Lafarge Group
State soft-peddled threat of Islamic State (ISIL) in Syria because Lafarge had an agreement with ISIL not to interfere in Lafarge activities in ISIL-controlled territory in Syria. HRC was a director of Lafarge between 1990 and 1992, at a time when the firm was selling strategic military materials to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.



Kickback from $11.2 million Irish grant to Clinton Foundation for HIV/AIDS abatement in Lesotho.

Mittal, Lakshmi, owner of ArcelorMittal, a major steel company, and board member of Goldman Sachs


Favorable opportunities in Kazakhstan, where Mittal is a member of the Foreign Investment Council of Kazakhstan. Dovetails with Bill Clinton’s uranium deals with Giustra and Nazarbayev.

Sheikh Mohammed H. Al Amoudi (Ethiopian-Saudi billionaire)

Influence-buying within the Clinton State Dept.

Advocacy for GMOs worldwide

State helped open up investment opportunities for Dutch firms in Africa.

New Zealand


Influence-buying within the Clinton State Dept.


Norwegian government split up donations to make them look smaller than they actually were. Norwegian firms received investment opportunities in the developing world, courtesy of the U.S. Millennium Goals Corporation.



State clearance for U.S. weapons sales to Oman.
Papua New Guinea, Government of

Influence-buying within the Clinton State Dept.

State Dept. approval for U.S. arms sales to Qatar. State pressure on Justice Dept. to curtail investigation of bribery payments regarding FIFA and 2022 World Cup host, Qatar.

Ras al Khaimah, Emirate of


Influence-buying within the Clinton State Dept.


Influence-buying with HRC’s State Department.
Saudi Arabia

State Dept. approval for U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia
Suzlon Energy, Ltd. (Amsterdam)

State and CGI promoted wind turbine solutions in developing countries. Suzlon, owned by an Indian national, is a leading supplier of wind turbines.

Swaziland, Kingdom of


Access to U.S. government officials for Swazi government/private business leaders.

Access to U.S. government officials for Swedish government/private business leaders.



Access to U.S. government officials for Swiss government/private business leaders.

Tenerife Island


High-level access to U.S. government officials by Flemish government officials and businesses.



State Dept. approval for U.S. weapons sales to Taiwan.

United Arab Emirates


State Dept. approval for U.S. weapons sales to the UAE.

United Kingdom

Access for key UK officials and UK businesses to key U.S.government policymakers.

Victor Pinchuk Foundation (Ukraine)


Buy influence with Clinton at State to pressure Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to free jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Walmart, Inc.


HRC pressured Indian government to open up India to Walmart, an action opposed by India’s small retailers.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network

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