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zondag 21 augustus 2016

MSM Propaganda 2

Ron heeft een nieuwe reactie op je bericht "Also Dutch Government Finances Terrorists" achtergelaten:
Must see! 
The White Helmets...
Just another of those supposed ngo's all around the world in fact being US-agencies to assist,facilitate regime-change etc......
Run by James Le Mesurier ,obviously a (sort of) british secret agent...........

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  1. Zo zegt Vanessa Beeley:" For me the NGO-Power-Complex is now one of the most destructive global forces..."

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG6gb31VJHA (vanaf 7.40m )

    "It's employed as an interface between hegemonic nations, like the United States,like the NATO nations, to infiltrate target or I actually call them pray nations.Nations that have been targeted for geo-political intervention. It's another methode because of social,alternative media it has become harder to directly invade as they did in Iraq. The NOG's remind me of the Trojan Horse,but also as the protection guys in the mafia. They're send out there to sell protection on behalve of the mafia,here the state in the military industrial complex ,but also the deep state,CIA ,Britsh Intelligence Sevices ....etc"

    1. "Terrorism is the flip-side of the NGO but for me they're both connected to the same root.So they're used to achieve imperialist games.."

    2. "Starvation and economic hardships are also concept of imperialism.They're often imposed upon target nations prior to interventions,prior to sending the NGO's and then prior to sending the military....starvation can be manufactured...etc"

    3. Vanessa Beeley 's website !! : https://thewallwillfall.org

    4. "What is the NPIC, the Non Profit Industrial Complex" (vanaf 17.25m)

    5. Vanessa Beeley about NGO"s in Palestine.......
      "Manage to de-claw dissent in order to safeguard capitalism....I've lived in Palestine and I've seen this absolutely firsthand.After the Oslo-agreements in 1993 the NGO-complex grew exponentially in Palestine .Why? Because they wanted to get rid of any opposition to the Oslo agreement. in 1995 there were 400 NGO's ,in 2016 there will be 2000....These NGO's in Palestine act as a complete damper on the resistant movement.It'd been co-opted. These NGO's are entirely funded by the west.So by NATO,the US,who work in lockstep with the illegal state of Israël,the zionist regime,that is occupying and brutallizing the Palestinians. They also control Healthcare ,education,as I said the resistance movements. Because of the financial crisis in Palestine a lot of the resistance movements were actually forced to become NGO's,to the go to the west and ask for money. The resistance movement in Palestine is modified,brought into line,it's being controlled ,softened,being unable to do anything about the Israeli occupation.....etc.etc" (vanaf 20.40m)

    6. "An example: there was a guy in Gaza who had developed a product that would help the disabled people from all the various wars in Gaza,to become more self-sufficient and he has gone to various NGO's based in Gaza. and he told them about this idea that would basically improve people's lives exponentially. you know what those NGO's said . They said:" We can't do this.Because if we do this we loose the funding for this. That was heartbreaking. This guy then just gave this product to the disabled people of Gaza so that they would be okay....he's bankrupt,he has no bussiness ,he had a familie to look after....this is what NGO's do" (vanaf 23.30m)

  2. (vanaf 38.05m)
    "Saudi Arabia started it war of aggression on Yemen in march 2015.
    In June 2015 NGO USAID who has the monopoly on the aid agencies in Yemen turned the tap off.
    So the UN under resolution 2216 which puts an embargo on 5 named individuals ,but is used by Saudi Arabia to collectively 27 million Yemenis with a land sea and air blockade,humanitarian aid and food is not getting into Yemen...
    On top of that USAID turned off the aid because it was too difficult to get it in through the conflict.
    Three weeks later (Saudi Arabian humanitarian NGO) King Salman Center set up and the USAID endorsed it.
    So again we're seeing this closed loop.
    Saudi Arabia can go in and decimate a country and it can be then given the endorsement by USAID to go in and reap the benefits by rebuilding it........"

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG6gb31VJHA
    (vanaf 55.30m)
    "Bush was responsible for the situation that the CIA could outsource their assassinations to Blackwater,a private mercenary company ,
    but it didn't stop with Bush........
    Obama gave 250 million dollar to Blackwater to continue unspecified services to the CIA.....so to continue,carry out assassinations without any accountability for the american government.............."