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woensdag 24 augustus 2016

Incendies - Wajid Mouawad 2010.

Anoniem heeft een nieuwe reactie op je bericht "Wendell Berry" achtergelaten:

Deze film Incendies - Wajid Mouawad 2010.

Wajid is from Lebanon but lives in Canada. Be aware of spoilers in the synopsis. Believe me when I tell you, you don't need it to watch and fully get to understand it! Wars are dirty, and as such bring out the worst in people. Not all people! 

On youtube unfortunately due to the uploading order the playlist starts with the last 10/10 part which doesn't show anyway due to musical copyright issues. I found the last part intact here however. It's like a Greek tragedy against a more modern background. Beautiful cinematography, montage, directing and acting imho. Love the slow pace which make for letting things sink in.

(Imagine all the different refugee story's of which some may be just as dramatic... as hard to explain, suffering from comparable humiliating dirty war secrets that are to hard to come forward with.) 

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  1. Net als het Iraanse meesterwerk The song of Sparrows (wel lullig dat er geen engelse subtitles meekomen :() te koop via bol.com.
    ik zou zeggen doen, voor de prijs ( nog geen 9 euro)hoeft u het niet te laten, haalt u kwaliteit in huis en steunt u (niet onbelangrijk!) de makers!