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donderdag 14 juli 2016

U.S. and Europe

US Wages War on Europe on Four Fronts

RI contributor outlines four scenarios for winners and losers, all pointing to Russia-China alliance
Tue, Jul 12, 2016 | 2,245 23

A lot has been written on the many recent American attacks on Russia, China and Latin America, but little has been said about American containment of the European Union (EU), historically its closest ally since WWII.
Once the Ukrainian and Syrian conflicts escalated after Russia’s spectacular return to the international scene after Boris Yeltsin’s vodka regime, the US set up economic and political sanctions against Russia that have also impacted its historical allies in Europe. 
Many European sectors are eager for the economic sanctions to end, as losses reach the billions of dollars. At the same time, essential American allies in Europe such as France and Germany have seen their traditional leading role weakened by their peers in Eastern Europe, which already started playing the role of American Trojan horse even before Britain leaves.
The three Baltic States, Poland, Rumania and more recently the Scandinavian states, have taken the lead on containing Russia, ignoring the leaders in Paris and Berlin. 
Europe, the ancient continent, land of the brightest civilizations, that became the envy of the world for its social programs, is now threatened on four fronts, three of which are due to US anti Russian measures:
1. On the Atlantic front, with the U.S. punishing its European "allies" by preventing them from doing business with Russia, pushing them toward a military clash with a nuclear country.
2. On the Eastern front, by emboldening the tiny Baltic republics, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and the Scandinavian states, to push dangerously toward Russian borders. The smallest and poorest republics of Europe are now the decision makers under American mentorship. Orwell’s Animal Farm, published in 1945, predicted what would happen in Europe 66 years later, ‘pig’ rule.
3. On the Southern front, via the rebirth of Ottoman Turkey, blackmailing Europe over its millions of refugees fleeing from the US’s Middle East adventures of the last 20 years.
4. On the domestic front, the 28 European member states are pushing for their own agenda despite the Union's high standard of living.
So far, nothing suggests that Europe’s leaders have noticed that they’re being targeted by a global Monroe Doctrine, not even after State Department’s Victoria Nuland's "F**k Europe" during the 2014 Ukraine coup.
So who is the sole winner of the current situation, where Russia, China, Iran, Syria and South America are under siege, while the European “powers” play not just the role of vassals, allowing the U.S. to step all over them, but even cooperating by doing it to themselves.  
These situations lead to the following scenarios:
1) American pressure, hidden under NATO’s umbrella, keeps pushing the provocative political and military containment of Russia, scaring the Europeans to death by an imaginary Russian threat. This will be the most likely scenario should Hillary Clinton and her flock of hawks take office in November, until one of the two sides shoots first or the elimination of Russia as we know it today.
2) Should the previous scenario occur, the world will be in need of a partial EU dissolution or at least the realignment of some of its mayor members, abandoning NATO’s provocations.
3) A full geopolitical-military alliance between China and Russia able to halt American imperialism, with both countries moving on the Chinese project One Belt One Road , Russia providing its vast lands, natural resources and military and space knowhow, while China would fund the infrastructure and provide high tech skills. These countries together would draw new members to the project.
4) Should Donald Trump take office in November, things could cool down for a while if he really wants to get along with Russia and can resist the hawks in the Pentagon and State.
If any of these scenarios happen, Russia and China will definitely play a leading role in the Asian 21st century. The Americans know it well, which is why they’re attacking Russia and China with everything they've got, reprising Hitler ’s attempt to conquer Europe and Russia, but gambling on more advanced weapons.

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