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vrijdag 15 juli 2016

Islamic Terrorism Scare Paves Way for a New Hitler in Europ

The Islamic Terrorism Scare Paves Way for a New Hitler in Europe

Does somebody want a new Hitler for Europe?
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Translated by Julia Rakhmetova 
The author is a famous Russian journalist who reported from many hot spots in the former USSR and Middle East. He is also one of Russia’s best experts on Islam and a member of the Presidential Council on Human Rights and Civil Society.

A friend of mine called me. He is spending vacation in Nice with his wife. He witnessed the attack. He sent me a video where he, shocked, told me about what he saw from the Hayat Hotel – this monstrous massacre was happening right beneath his balcony. It’s a hideous terrorist attack beyond people’s comprehension. I’m still shocked. I was talking to him on the phone for quite a long time. Although he had seen a lot in all his life, still he was very shocked. Honestly, this cruelty is beyond common sense. In my opinion, the most important thing is to understand the psychological motives of the actions of these people. I think this is not about any religion or ideology…
In my opinion, this is one of the most monstrous terrorist attacks ever by its cruelty and absurdity. This has nothing to do with any religion or extremism. This is about some psychic deviations, which are extremely dangerous. There is some kind of supernatural force about all this.
I have a question: I would like to understand what is happening in the mind of all these people who commit such things. As a journalist, I had a chance, in the line of my duty, to talk to people who were members of some terrorist organizations, to talk with them as a part of rehabilitation process. But I don’t remember anything like that. It’s some new format…
Does France have some particular problems? Not exactly, I don't think. Germany also has problems. However, there are no terrorist attacks in Germany.
I mean, when they say that we need to blame migrants for that. However, there are many migrants in Germany. This means that the social environment in Germany prevents such a terrorism from progressing.
As for France…I have been to Marseille – there are huge blocks that remind one of a ghetto – poor people who don’t have the same living standard as citizens of other countries of the European Union, with a high crime rate and inexplicable things going on.
That’s why I think that the reasons of the growth of the terrorism is social environment.
I think that these terrorist attacks are taking place to push Europe into a new wave of fascism, to have a new Hitler in Europe. There were Bolsheviks in the USSR who shot Jews, and Europe was saying that Jews, who comprised a large part of Russian revolutionary leadership, were to blame for the hideous actions of the Bolsheviks. That’s why there was an anti-Semitic fascist war unleashed by Nazi Germany.
Today we have ISIS. And we are told that its is Muslims who should be blamed for such monstrous attacks.  Now there is an anti-Muslim war going on, as a new element of fascism. I think that someone is intentionally pushing Europe ino radical fascism.
I have a simple idea that the Islamic World, in particular the countries of the Persian Gulf, produces a few trillion dollars every year. Today this money is feeding the West. The well-being of the West is based on the fact that the West has a direct access to cheap oil from the Middle East. And that is almost 10-12 trillion dollars per year. After tax.
When Islamophobic and Arabophobic Europe stops receiving this money, Great Britain will receive it, which is going to keep good relationships with the Islamic World, and which is leaving the European Union today. It’s one of the factors of switching of huge financial resources from European continent over to the Anglo-Saxon Atlantic World. We need to think of this option…

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