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  • I.F. Stone

vrijdag 8 juli 2016

Wet van Oorzaak en Gevolg

Four gunman have shot 11 police officers - killing at least five - and may have planted a bombs 'all over' downtown Dallas. The coordinated shooters opened fire from 'elevated positions', picking off officers 'ambush style' as they manned a protest over the deaths of two black men, police chief David Brown said. Three of them are in custody but another is still engaged in a shootout with police. The remaining gunman, who is holed up in a parking garage, told officers bombs have been planted across Dallas and that 'the end is coming'. Officers found a suspicious package near where one of the gunmen was caught and a bomb squad are dealing with it. A gruesome video shows a heroic policeman taking on one of gunmen, but being gunned down by the shooter before being shot again execution-style from point-blank range. Police said two people are being questioned after they were spotted speeding away from the scene of the shooting in a black Mercedes. An officer saw one of the pair hurriedly putting a camouflage bag in the back of the car before driving off 'at a high rate of speed'. As many as three officers are in critical condition and a female member of the public was also shot. It is not known if the shooters were protesters, however they appear to have been militarily trained. Their motive is not clear.

This is the horrifying moment a brave police officer attempted to take down one of the Dallas attackers by surprise - only for the maniac to shrug off the bullet, turn around and execute him. The footage, filmed from a balcony on a building opposite the shoot-out shows one of the two Dallas gunmen hiding behind a pillar when a cop approaches him from behind. The stealthy officer then attempts to stop the rampage with a well-placed bullet to the shooter's back - but it apparently bounces off, leaving the killer unharmed and the cop exposed.


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