Not a week after the horrendous attack that occurred in the French city of Nice, the French Air Force, a member of the anti-ISIS coalition, escalated its bombing of ISIS-held territory.
The retaliatory bombing campaign resulted in a high civilian casualty count in the densely populated Manbij. Lower estimates put the civilian victim numbers at a 100+ while higher estimates provided by local sources put the number at 300, most of whom were women and children.
While civilian losses are not foreign to urban wars, the French Air Force is not foreign to attacks seemingly vengeful in nature. Following the horrific ISIS-claimed attacks in Paris, the French Air Force bombed a school in Iraq’s Nineveh massacring 36 children, local sources said.
On a separate note, the French Foreign Minister recently expressed worries about the Syrian Army sieging the civilian population of east Aleppo where a jihadist faction under the umbrella of the western-backed Free Syrian Army gruesomely beheaded a child today, accusing him of collaborating with the Syrian government.
Below are pictures of the horrific scene in Manbij:
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