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  • I.F. Stone

zaterdag 9 juli 2016


Coalition Strikes
Strikes in Iraq
Strikes in Syria
Days of Campaign
Minimum Civilians Estimated Killed by Coalition
Bombs and Missiles Dropped

Latest Coalition report
July 5th-6th 2016: 27 new airstrikes

Airwars is a journalist-led transparency project working around four strands. We monitor and assess reports of civilian casualties allegedly caused by Coalition and other international airstrikes. We analyse data from the campaigns to help make sense of the war. We archive military claims. And we publish news on our findings.

Civilian Casualties
Our researchers track and assess all known claims of civilians killed by the Coalition and Russia – with hundreds of reported fatalities listed alongside known sources
Daily Reports
At Airwars we archive every public pronouncement by allies in the Coalition – updated daily and cross-referenced against claims of civilian casualties and ‘friendly fire’ deaths
From how many airstrikes and by which allies – to how many weapons have been dropped and where – our data engines help us to model and understand an evolving war
Our regular news updates and detailed reports track the Coalition’s war against Daesh – helping to ensure accountability for civilians killed and injured in international airstrikes

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