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  • I.F. Stone

woensdag 15 juni 2016

Zionist and Saudi Fascism and the United Nations

Ron heeft een nieuwe reactie op je bericht "Syria" achtergelaten: 

Meanwhile Israël and Saudi Arabia are taking over power in the UN .....

Israël won an election to chair the United Nations' legal committee...
"chairing the committee will give Israel a chance to have a higher profile in routine affairs at the United Nations." Israel U.N. Ambassador Danny Danon said in a statement:"Israel is a world leader in international law and in fighting terrorism" 

Amnesty blasts U.N.’s “shameful pandering to Saudi Arabia over children killed in Yemen”
Amnesty condemns "unprecedented" "unconscionable" move as U.N. removes Saudi from report on child rights violations
"United Nations shamefully caved in to pressure to remove the Saudi Arabia-led military coalition from the UN’s list of states and armed groups that violate children’s rights in conflict."

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