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zondag 12 juni 2016

Ukrainian Football Nazi's

BREAKING NEWS: Ukrainian Pravy Sektor Nazis attack England fans in Marseille

BUSTED: 200 black-clad, knife-wielding Ukrainian thugs brought in aboard Cypriot sardine trawlers to cause mayhem
French riot police fire tear gas at fans in Marseille's Old Port District
French riot police fire tear gas at fans in Marseille’s Old Port District
This is happening almost as we speak. 200 men wearing black t-shirts, black balaclavas and wielding knives descended on the port area of Marseille where English and Russian football supporters had gathered to drink in the local atmosphere, soak up the local sun and imbibe the local beers.
Everyone was having a good time, the atmosphere was very relaxed, the English and Russian fans mingling happily, taking photos of each other while exchanging bursts of bawdy singing.
Then, as if from out of nowhere, the horde of black-clad thugs arrived and began attacking English fans. The claim made immediately on the BBC is that these attackers are Russian hooligans. Of course, this is yet more of the sickening demonisation of Russia and all things Russian that we have seen unfold in recent months.
These men were not Russians at all, although they spoke Russian. They are hired thugs drawn from the same pool of neo-Nazi ultra-right thugs from Lvov, members of Pravy Sektor mostly, who were responsible for the Odessa Massacre.
Ukrainian Ultras, specially imported for the purpose
Ukrainian Ultras, specially imported for the purpose
Cypriot-registered sardine trawler owned by a company with at least two former Mossad men amongst it’s board members brought the rent-a-mob into the port of Marseille last night, they are probably already on their way back to the Black Sea.

We have been expecting a false flag terrorist attack at Euro 2016, but we were expecting it to take the more usual form of an ‘Islamic’ terrorist group shooting at people or blowing something up. This is a new play but it is all too clear from who’s playbook it came.

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