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zaterdag 4 juni 2016


In Hitler's Steps: Huge US Military Convoy to Advance From Germany to Russia's Border

US troops retrace the path of Hitler's invading armies that would lay siege to Leningrad
Fri, Jun 3, 2016 | 4,774 100
Remember "Dragoon Ride" of 2015? It was a company of US stryker vehicles returning from an Estonia independence day parade (which was inexplicitly held not in the nation's capital but 300 metres from the Russian border) not by rail or ship as is usual but across Europe's highways.
Well say hello to 2016. This time it's an entire regiment of 1,200 American troops with 400 vehicles which has hit the road -- and in the opposite direction. Yupp that's right. A Regiment of US troops has driven out from their Germany bases en route to Estonia and the neighborhood of Russia old imperial capital of Sankt Petersburg (once Leningrad) in the Baltics -- ie they are retracing the steps taken by the Third Reich's Army Group North taken during the invasion of the Soviet Union. Once there they will join a 14,000 strong multinational NATO military exercise.

What a remarkable lack of self-consciousness. Germany, Poland and the western media scoff every year when Russian bikers perform their annual ride from Moscow to Berlin. Yet those are private Russian citizens and furthermore unarmed. These are soldiers en route for war drills on Russia's border.
Russia is famously and understandably hyper-sensitive about anything WWII in which it lost 25 million people, most of them civilians a to genocidal policies of the western occupier. US knows this but still pulls up stunts like this. Is US military really this oblivious to the paralels here or is somebody at the Pentagon going out of their way to provoke the Russians and cook up a budget-enhancing crisis?


NATO Shows Off Strength To Russia

Published 2 June 2016

See: The U.S. 2nd Cavalry Regiment is making a "tactical march http://www.rferl.org/media/video/us-convoy-social/27774746.html" from Germany to Estonia -- where 10,000 NATO troops will hold drills aimed at sending a clear message to the Kremlin.
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