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  • I.F. Stone

zaterdag 14 mei 2016

RoundUp the People

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    The results of our test on are in and it's not good news for the 48 MEPs
  2. . remove doc on safety. ~100 scientists support probable carcinogen findings
  3. Maak bezwaar tegen de verlenging vergunning van roundup = . laat de politici weten waar je staat.
  4. 39 NGOs ask EU countries to protect health & nature and reject renewal
  5. How to sell an incredibly dangerous pesticide to the masses
  6. , the herbicide contaminating Portugal. Extreme levels in urine samples. Press release
  7. This could be our last chance for another 15 years to get off of the market!
  8. ’s Roundup bottles get relabelled by activists in run up to EU decision
  9. found to have contamination in urine samples and food products.
  10. je kunt ons redden van go go go go go!!!!

  11. Research is finding a link between exposure & non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  12. Withdrawn: memo on the increasing use of on food crops. The Ecologist

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