• All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out.

  • I.F. Stone

zaterdag 23 april 2016

Paul Craig Roberts 182

Another Letter from the Netherlands
Dear Dr Roberts, As another citizen from the Netherlands, I would like to join Steven who wrote the letter that you sent us today. Like Steven, I am appalled at our Government’s and Parliament’s constant, blind submission to Washington. Even the liberal, progressive press very subtly demonizes Russia on a daily basis, and 9/11 truth is absolutely taboo. And although the Dutch people voted against a treaty with Ukraine in a referendum recently, the Government just put the ‘Nee’ aside, since it was only advisory, and Brussels is keen on implementing the treaty. We also very loyally take part in all of NATO’s utterly provocative ‘exercises’ on Russia\’s very borders. And our Parliament does not have the guts to question this or insist on a definitive MH17 report. You have said it correctly again and again: we are nothing but a vassal state to Washington. On top of it all, this week has seen another shameful event: the Dutch Air Force wants to buy 4 American Reaper drones, and arm them, but the Minister of Defence has told the Air Force not to talk about it ‘because there is not enough money to buy them’; see the article from a quality newspaper, which basically says: ‘DoD tells Air Force to shut up aboutdrone programme.’ http://www.volkskrant.nl/binnenland/defensie-snoert-luchtmacht-de-mond-over-nederlands-droneprogramma~a4283380/ I am outraged. If you would like to use my message, please feel free to do so, but anonymously, of course. Thank you for your relentless excellent work, Best regards, Annelies

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