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dinsdag 26 april 2016

Giulio Regeni Was Killed

Demand an investigation into the brutal murder of my friend Giulio!
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Giulio Regeni and I spent a year of our lives studying together overseas as classmates. We attended the same lectures, enjoyed pints at the same pubs, and posed for the same happy photographs with our friends.
So, when I saw a picture of him on our alumni website, I was eager to read about his updates. But the photo didn't lead to news about his new projects – it led to his obituary. That was the horrifying moment that I learned Giulio's body had been found in a ditch next to a highway in Egypt, with signs of extreme torture and mutilation.
Giulio was in Cairo conducting research for his PhD on Egyptian trade unions, but his murder remains a mystery. Initially, the Egyptian government claimed Giulio had died in a car accident. Then, a few days later, it changed its story and declared that a gang was responsible. But experts on Egypt's human rights abuses say that Giulio's murder bears the trademark signs of torture by the state's security forces.
Giulio was only 28 years old when he was killed, and he was an exemplary person who was beloved by his many friends, family members, and colleagues. Everyone who knew him will miss him, and until there is a trustworthy outside investigation, none of us can find closure.
If enough of us speak out, we can achieve justice for Giulio by unearthing the truth and holding the perpetrators accountable.
Thank you,
 Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

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