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Vluchtelingenstroom 49

In de essaybundel The Short American Century. A Postmortem (2012) stelt de gezaghebbende Amerikaanse hoogleraar geschiedenis Emily S. Rosenberg in haar bijdrage 'Consuming the American Century'ondermeer het volgende: 
Consumerism was the 'ism' that 'won' the ideological battles of the twentieth  century. As in the United States itself, the mass consumerist averting complex became adept at appealing within and across lines of nationality, region, ethnicity, gender, class, and ideology. Consumerism 'won' less because it implied 'Americanization' than because its appeals proved so globally adaptive that it ceased to be seen as American at all…
The historian Charles Maier has analyzed how, in the late 1960s and 1970s, America's 'empire of production,' which had sought exports for the nation's vigorous productive capacity, became an 'empire of consumption,' accumulating larger and larger trade imbalances by consuming an ever gre…

Robert Parry on Misinformation

The Misinformation MessDecember 28, 2015

Exclusive: As Americans approach Election Year 2016, the crisis of misinformation is growing more and more dangerous. On issues from foreign policy to the economy, almost none of the candidates in the race appears to be addressing the real world, writes Robert Parry.

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman marvels at the right-wing extremism prevalent in the Republican presidential race not just from the “outsider” candidates but from the “establishment” favorites as well, doubling down on President George W. Bush’s economic prescriptions and foreign policies despite their record of disaster. The media’s obsession with Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff candidacy “has in one way worked to the G.O.P. establishment’s advantage: it has distracte