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Postmodern Untermenschen

The Time of the End is the Time of No Room”*
By George Capaccio
December 24, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - Daffy Donald proposes to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., while journalist Glen Greenwald recently reported on the frightening upsurge in attacks on Muslims. As I write these words, I am listening to John Williams’ score for the movie “Schindler’s List.” The music never fails to move me deeply. Whatever historical flaws or misrepresentations the film might have, the undeniable suffering of the Jewish people, along with millions of political dissidents and other “undesirable” human beings—the Untermenschen in Nazi parlance—is an escapable part of our history. And now the fascists and neo-Nazis among us aim to reawaken the very same mentality that led to the unimaginable cruelty and barbarity of their predecessors during World War II. 
What is particularly distressing in this recent outbreak of blind prejudice among a growing number of my fellow Americans is their …

U.S. Nuclear Terrorism

NewsWorldAmericas US intended to destroy civilian populations in enemy cities during Cold War according to declassified target list The document was prepared in the summer of 1956 and made available this week Andrew Buncombe New York  @AndrewBuncombeWednesday 23 December 20159 comments

Republican and Democrat Terror

Republican Candidates Defend Killing Civilians to Fight Terrorism—and So Do Democrats There's a bipartisan effort to justify the killing of civilians in the "war on terrorism." By , December 23, 2015.  Share Print Hillary Clinton in Afghanistan courtesy of US Embassy Kabul via Flickr There has been a lot of consternation expressed in the media at a series of statements by Republican presidential candidates during their most recent debate and elsewhere in which a number of them appeared to be advocating the large-scale killing of civilians through aerial bombardment as a legitimate means of defeating the so-called “Islamic State.” (ISIS or IS) These statements did not simply rationalize military operations that result in large numbers of civilian deaths, which politicians in both parties have supported for decades, but actually advocate the killing of civilians as a legitimate tactic in counter-terrorism warfare. Let’s put aside for a moment the irony of killin…

Gilbert Achcar. Socialist

The ‘Anti-Imperialist’ Who Got Libya Wrong Serves Up The Same Failed Analysis on Syria

By Stephen Gowans Paris Match: Many people say the solution lies in your departure. Do you believe that your departure is the solution?

Syrian president Assad: What was the result (of NATO policy when they attacked Gaddafi)? Chaos ensued after Gaddafi’s departure. So, was the departure the solution? Have things improved, and has Libya become a democracy? [1]
December 25, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - For a professed socialist and anti-imperialist, Gilbert Achcar is surprisingly mainstream, in fact, so much so that he could be appointed to a key position in the US State Department and fit in quite comfortably. He replicated the basic understanding of the nature of the conflict in Libya in 2011, as presented by the US government, in his own analysis, and dissents in no significant way from Washington on how to end the conflict in Syria (Achcar and the US president, and, for that matter, IS…