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Stop Neoliberal TPP

Spread The Word: TPP Is Toxic Political Poison That Politicians Should Avoid By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers Global Research, October 24, 2015 Mint Press News 22 October 2015 Region:  Theme:  After nearly six years of negotiations, trade ministers recently announced they had reached agreement on the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This does not mean the TPP is a done deal. The next hurdle for this rigged corporate power grab is to convince the participating governments, including Congress, to ratify it. In the United States, the trade justice movement, which has grown to be broad and diverse, can stop the TPP. Here are two immediate actions you can take to stop the TPP: Click on the links to sign the petition telling Congress to reject the TPP and register for the mass mobilization in Washington in November. A policewoman removes activist Kevin Zeese for protesting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman (R) testifies b…

Manipulating the Gold Market

Manipulation of the Gold Market: China has Imported 2400 Tons of Gold and the Price Goes Down… By Bill Holter Global Research, October 24, 2015 Theme:  We will no doubt look back upon the current era as the “crime of the century” for so many different reasons. Actually, current times represent the worst financial crimes of ALL TIME! The various crimes and how they are operated are too numerous to list and would probably fill a three volume set of books, let’s concentrate on just one. Central to everything is the U.S. issuing the global reserve currency by fiat knowing full well it truly means “non payment”. The absolute cornerstone to the dollar retaining confidence and thus value has been the suppression of the price of gold. Before getting to specifically what I’d like to point out, let’s look at a couple common sense points which beg questions. How is it China has been importing 2,400 tons of gold over the past two and a half years without any upward push to the gold …

And Justice For All

Swimming With the Debt SharksSaturday, 24 October 2015 00:00 By JP Sottile, Truthout | News Analysis  font sizePrint 34 Email