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U.S. Propaganda

Kaleidoscope of Power Games in the Middle-East – Stunning the Exceptional Nation – Lead-up to a US-Russia Proxy-War? By Peter Koenig Global Research, October 03, 2015 Region:  Theme:  32

U.S. Bombing Doctors Without Borders

The bombing of a Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF) hospital located in the Afghan city of Kunduz took place on Saturday night. The airstrike is reported to have been carried out by US forces, the reason of the attack is still unclear. As result of the airstrike, at least 16 people (among them medical workers) were killed and about 37 — including 19 doctors — were injured. Many are still missing.  Volgen  LATEST: 16 ppl killed - 9 MSF staff, 7 patients (3 children). 37 injured - 19 staff (5 critical) & 18 patients & caretakers. © FLICKR NATO Admits US May Have Hit MSF Hospital in Kunduz The representatives of the medical organization stated that the airstrike continued for more than 30 minutes even after the doctors sent a call for help. The reason for why the attack was not immediately stopped after American and Afghan military forces had been informed about the terrible incident is unclear. The US armed forc…

U.S. War Crimes

UN says Afghan hospital bombing may be 'war crime' UN rights chief says strike on MSF hospital that killed 19, including doctors, is "inexcusable" as US forces apologise.03 Oct 2015 19:15 GMT | War & ConflictAsiaAfghanistanNATOTaliban 2924402

U.S. War on Terror? (2)

The Brave, New World of Armed Drones and UAVs. Thank God I Am Not A Child Born Today! By Anthony Bellchambers Global Research, October 03, 2015 Region:  Theme:  In-depth Report:  24