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Neoliberal Democracy 12

THU MAY 21, 2015 AT 02:00 PM PDT Ex-CIA briefer: Bush administration presented false 'intelligence' to the nationbyHunterFollowforDaily Kos 109 Comments / 109 New
No kidding. In the much-needed pile-on lambasting the most recent round of Iraq War whitewashing, Ex-CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell appeared on the TV to say that yes, the Bush administration lied to the public about the intelligence presented to them. He was the one briefing the White House on that intelligence at the time, and so he is among the most very qualified people on earth to make that assertion. But he didn't pipe up with this at the time, you must understand, because that wasn't his job.
[CHRIS MATTHEWS]: You're the briefer for the president on intelligence, you're the top person to go in and tell him what's going on. You see Cheney make this charge he's got a nuclear bomb and then they make subsequent charges he knew how to deliver it…and nobody raised their hand and said, &quo…

Trade is War

Book Excerpt

An Exclusive Excerpt From ‘Trade Is War’  Posted on May 22, 2015
OR Books Below is an exclusive excerpt from ‘Trade Is War: The West’s War Against the World’ by Yash Tandon (OR Books, 2015).
Truthdig readers receive a 20 percent if they enter the code TRUTHDIG20 at checkout. Click here to buy. In the book, Tandon—a Ugandan expert on international relations, politics and economics—argues that the “soft power” exerted by international powers through economic channels is anything but soft—and that free trade (or the refusal to adopt free trade policies) leads to physical violence, especially for poorer countries. To make his case, Tandon draws on both his extensive understanding of the Global South and his hands-on experience advising African leaders on trade agreements.

Here, Tandon describes how nongovernmental organizations and big agricultural corporations team up to override local agricultural custom, often at the expense of farmers:

A Hybrid Seed is Technology

There is on…


Countering US-NATO in the Black Sea and Beyond By Eric Draitser Global Research, May 22, 2015 New Eastern Outlook Region:  245

Fascist Democracy

Het fascisme is te herkennen aan de techniek waarmee het met politiek omgaat. Het is niet zozeer een specifiek gedachtegoed. Enkele aspecten van de fascistische techniek zijn: populisme om de massa te beheersen, een charismatisch leider, een beweging die op zich niet democratisch georganiseerd is en inspeelt op gevoelens van onrust, wrok, rancune en angst.  Dit is geen vergelijking met de Tweede Wereldoorlog, het is juist een vergelijking met hoe het fascisme begonnen is. Het hedendaags fascisme is een gevolg van: Politici die hun eigen gedachtegoed verloochenen, zoals Rutte en Opstelten doen als zij jihadstrijders de dood toewensen. De hoogste bestuurder van het land en de minister van Veiligheid en Justitie vinden dat jihadisten beter kunnen sneuvelen dan achter tralies belanden, zoals in een gewone rechtsstaat het geval hoort te zijn.Er zijn zes bankiers van ABN Amro, geleid door oud-VVD-minister van financiĆ«n Zalm, over de schreef gegaan in Dubai. De pseudo-ambtenaren van de staats…

MH 17 Mystery 57

Dutch blogger Max van der Werff explained to Sputnik why he decided to carry out his own investigation into the origin of two controversial photos which circulated on social networks shortly after the MH17 crash, purporting to show a trail of smoke in the sky from a missile launcher, and what his inquiry uncovered.

Unlike the majority of people who have either accepted or rejected the authenticity of the two photos that were published online, Dutch blogger Max van der Werff made it all the way to Donbass to see for himself where the photos were allegedly taken. “Reading "The Grand Chessboard" by Brzezinski it becomes clear why, for the USA, Ukraine is important as a geological hotspot to contain Russia,” he told Sputnik. “On July 17, a few hours after the MH17 crash, it was clear to me this tragedy would be abused and milked over and over again to demonize Russia and its president in particular,” he added.  Lees Verder: http://sputn…

Ukraine 154

John Kerry admits defeat: The Ukraine story the media won’t tell, and why U.S. retreat is a good thing  The U.S. seems to admit it overplayed its hand over Ukraine. Caving to reality is actually the best possible policy