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Noam Chomsky 117

Raw Story /  ByScott Kaufman 15 COMMENTS Chomsky: This Is How Nuclear War Starts The world renowned linguist and political scholar says the current state of US-Russia relations could lead to nuclear war. 15 COMMENTS15 COMMENTS AAA

U.S. Internal War 2

There is a long history of the NYPD (  (and other police ( ) killing unarmed African Americans, as well as a history of grand juries not indicting police who kill (  citizens. The injustice in the US justice system has become so evident that the United Nations is strongly criticizing police and prison practices (  in the United States as well as torture abroad.

While politicians are now talking about changes to police training, increased use of cameras on police and other reforms and  the Department of Justice is taking action, protests must continue and be sustained in order to achieve the necessary changes . For example, sustained protests are planned at t…


‘House of Representatives’ resolution declares Cold War’Get short URL Published time: December 04, 2014 14:51 
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Naomi Klein 20

Note: This letter will be published in the next issue of the New York Review of Books, as well as a response by Kolbert. The letter is followed here by a short additional note and update, addressing Kolbert’s reply. To the Editors: According to Elizabeth Kolbert’s review of my book, This Changes Everything,humans are too selfish to respond effectively to the climate crisis. “Here’s my inconvenient truth,” she writes, “when you tell people what it would actually take to radically reduce carbon emissions, they turn away. They don’t want to give up air travel or air conditioning or HDTV or trips to the mall or the family car.” Kolbert’s only proof for this sweeping judgment is her partial account of a single Swiss research project that began in 1998. The researchers behind the 2,000-Watt Society, as the project is known, determined that if humans are to live within ecological limits, then every per…

Ban the Banksters 27

WED DEC 03, 2014 AT 03:27 PM PST Bankers Want Your Savings As Part of Their Next Bail-OutbypsychomaxFollowforpsychomax 330 Comments / 330 New Keep a close eye on what savings you have left. The financial honchos have plans for your money. Ellen Brown, who writes at The Web of Debt is the only blogger that I am aware of who writes about the neoliberal machinations related to preparing for the next giant bank crashes. In a recent post she describes the latest plan adopted by the G20 nations. I believe this is crucial information for many and so wish to broadcast it further, including some background not covered in her post. Since the financial crisis of 2008 central bankers and regulators have been busy drawing up plans for avoiding the next bank melt-down. Here in the US, banks considered by the government Too Big To Fail (TBTF) were bailed out six years ago with our tax money on the arguable rationale that if they were permitted to fail, they would take the entire economy down with the…

U.S. Internal War

FRI DEC 05, 2014 AT 06:50 AM PST Cartoon: Who killed Michael Brown?byMark FioreFollowforComics 27 Comments / 27 New It seems that everyone but Darren Wilson is responsible for the death of Michael Brown. It’s Michael Brown’s fault, black-on-black violence is at fault, it’s a culture of disrespect and lawbreaking that’s at fault, take your pick. Perhaps the best spew of logic came from Rudy Giuliani, who essentially said, if you black people didn’t kill yourselves so much we wouldn’t have to send so many white cops down there to kill you as well. Yes, crime in black communities is bad. Yes, white police officers killing unarmed black people is bad. Are we not capable of holding two thoughts in our collective head at the same time? It sure seems that many people only talk of “black-on-black” crime when they are defending a white police officer. Now that another tragedy has happened in the blink of an eye and the police officer who choked Eric Garner to death on camera was not indicted (w…